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Jodie Connor video for 'Redlights'

Jodie Connor video for 'Redlights'

British R&B singer Jodie Connor, who teams up with UK producer DaWood on new single 'Redlights'.

Music News

David Bronson new video

David Bronson new video

David Bronson releases new video in run up to new album 'The Long Lost'

Music News

Heart-Ships new video

Heart-Ships new video

Heart-Ships new video for 'Pinhole of Light'

Music News

New Releases

Katey Brooks new EP
Alice Rose, new album
Quiet as a Mouse new single
Spirits of the Dead new album
Lisa Cuthbert new album
Poeticat new single and Windmill, Brixton Residency
Vienna Ditto EP release
Leanne Robinson new EP and free download

Music Reviews

The Exploding Boy - Four
Black Casino and the Ghost - Some Dogs Think Their Name Is No
Werefox - I Am Memory
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