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JENNIE LÖÖF - Family Chest


Glasgow designer JENNIE LÖÖF launches her newest work

Jennie is proud to present her newest collection Family Chest which, as standard, follows a clear aesthetic for design and exquisite attention to detail. These striking one-off dresses, skirts and tops are all cut from recycled fabrics and clearly demonstrate Jennie's signature skill, evident through her strong designs and expert craftsmanship.

In this newest collection, Swedish-born Jennie cultivates her philosophy of creating new pieces of work from recycled fabrics and in doing so, grants a new life to these fabrics that would otherwise go unnoticed. Each garment is a one-off and is never recreated. Jennie believes each piece should be unique and is more than happy to create made-to-measure garments for the style savvy.

This newest collection, Family Chest, is inspired by the two people that began her love of creating clothes – her grandparents. From Anna-Greta was the design inspiration, who had always dreamt of being a designer and loved masquerades, they would sit for hours designing the most fashionable princesses ever. Eida was the skilled seamstress who always had the sewing machine ready, her skill allowed her to make anything from anything – she once made bridesmaid dresses from bedding. All the fabric used in this collection comes from a chest in Jennie’s home in Sweden and will be recreated into stunning garments inspired by her mother’s favourite dress as a teenager, which was also in the chest.

In this summer collection, we see light, dreamy tops, cute dresses with some classic new linings and an altogether astounding combination of herringbone and lace.

Since Jennie has been creating work, several Scottish stores have been stocking and have sold many of her pieces. After being unveiled at The Garage on 3rd June, this newest collection of pieces will be shipped off to Sweden to be sold in Jennie's newest stockist, Tjallamalla, so it will not be around for long! Following an incredibly successful staging at Nightwalk in April and a huge interest from press and bloggers alike, Jennie's work is not to be missed.


Jennie's clothes are stocked in the following stores

La La Land Unit 1 De Courcy’s Arcade, Cresswell Lane, Glasgow, G12 8AA

Tel: 0752 500 6222

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