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Loc Saint

Hi Loc Saint, how are you?
I'm Isn't that the honest answer in this type of economy.

Which instruments do you play?
I don't play instruments, I come up with catchy melodies on the midi keyboard by chance and my voice is definatly an instrument.

What made you decide to be a solo artist and not want to be in a band?
I never really wanted to be solo, I really beleived that my talent would be best combined with someone else with just as great of a talent, and I always beleive 2 minds are greater then one, but on my road to finding someone else to work with I've fallen short so I'm still a solo artist.

Do you work with the same musicians when recording as you do when performing live?
Yes I have a lot, I record a lot of people and there all good people. A lot of the artists I've recorded are off to bigger and better things now and I wish them success.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t yet heard you?
Hardcore rap with gothic melodies and rock undertones.

What have you been up to recently?
I've been fighting to get my new album out....literally fighting. In the process of finishing my new album "HARD 2 DIE" I found my best friend Eli "Bigg-E" Lewis dead in his apartment and had to go through the greiving of loosing my best friend like as close as a brother, my wife lost her mom, the economy sent us for a loop financially and here I am picking up the peices trying to moove forward and release this album as well as stay sane.

What can your fans look forward to in the next 12 months?
In the next 12 months my fans can look forward to Loc Saint Musik takin' it up a notch. Im going to be planning some big shows and going to be getting placed in some big opportunities. In essence the music is getting bigger and better and Loc Saint Music is getting more exposure

Did you always want to be in a musician/singer when younger?
Yes, I remember when I was like 6 years old I got a burt and ernie microphone/amp kinda toy and I was singing on that all the time. Then I was about 10 years old I really started writing poems and lyrics to get alot of confusion and stuff off my chest, which later on morphed into writing raps.

What music did you listen to while growing up?
Lol. My mom had a bunch of old records that I would just play out when I was little. Real random stuff like old school Joni Mitchell, Carol King, Jon lennon and Yoko Ono's white album, and then there was Marvin Gaye, Elvis, ect. It was the folk music with the stories and passion that gave me my song writing abilities, and I think that's what sets me apart from all artists in my genre.

How long have you been involved with writing & performing music?
For about 15 years now. Since I was 10 years old.

What was your first music making experience?
Karaoke machine in my garage is where the first free-styles and mix tapes...thats right tapes were being made.

Loc Saint

What is your current equipment?
I use reasons software to put together my beats mixed with a Radium 49 midi keyboard. Perfect little set up. Then I use acid 6.0 for recording, simple and thats what I like. I also got a AKG condensor mic thats crystal clear.

Are you self-taught or did you have lessons?
I'm self taught all the way. I've taught myself literally everything you can imagine. I'm my own graphic designer, producer, artist, writer, lawyer, ect. I'm a one man machine. That's because I never had a coach carter in my life and I know ALOT of people have, but I've just always been left to fend for myself without help and it's given me the drive unmatched by other artists.

If you had an unlimited equipment budget what would be on your shopping list?
One of each !!! Lol.

Do you use the same equipment live as you do when in a studio?

Do you have a set routine when writing and recording or does it depend on each track and the inspiration?
No routine...just creativity. Its got to be flowing, its magic really...creativity, I personally think it comes from God. Its a beautiful thing that causes a man to create something from nothing.

Which software/recording process do you use?
Acid Pro 6.0, I know the right mix down that I like and its simple and easy.

Would you sign with a major record company?
YES. I'm tired of being everything as far as focusing on so much more then just being an artist. I would love to just be an artist, rather then doing everything myself and thus far taking away from me just being an artist.

Do you have any new recordings planned?
I'm in the works on a new album called "BEAUTIFUL MIND" and so far its a beautiful album. I'm not making any theme or set way of going about the album, I'm just relaxing and letting anything and everything flow out of me, a release you could say from the last hell of an album.

How much involvement do you have with the arranging and production of the songs when recording?
I have all the involvment. I make it all happen from start to finish.

Is the production side of things something you’d like to get involved more in the future, maybe working with other artists?
I love to work with other artists. I'm a people person. I like to put 2 heads together and see what beauty comes from it.

Do you find the process of recording enjoyable and does it get easier the more you do?
Yes, its like a puzzle. The more you put the peices together the easier it will be to solve it next time. Its relaxing for me, if im stressed out the studio is where I go and release.

Do you have any favourite tracks on your album?
My favorite track on my album is "WHY" and "EMPTY POCKETS". There also my 2 most recent songs.

Do you write songs/tracks only about personal experiences?
Yes, I mainly write about personal trials and tribulations and struggles, but I've been getting into looking at things through other peoples eyes and drawing inspiration through that, its a cool way to write songs as well.

Do you find song writing easy or difficult?
Easy for me. I've been writing for 15 years now so it just comes. Being a lyricist the challenge is finding more words and arranging them in creative ways....thats the genius part about it all.

Is there anyone who you would like to collaborate with on writing songs or performing?
Tech Nine, T-Bone, Big Krizz, yeah theres a couple.

Which countries have you gigged in?
USA only

Which countries would be at the top of your list to tour?
Europe would be a blast, I think my music would be better received there then anywhere else in the world.

Would you like to be a full time working musician or are you happy with things as they are?
I would love to be a full time musician. Thats my dream and goal.

Has your music been used on any film soundtracks?
Not yet, but I'm working hard to try and get my music placed in a movie or on t.v

Thanks Loc Saint for taking the time to talk to us. 

Loc Saint

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