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Ned Rundell

Hi Ned, how are you?
I’m okay thanks, I’m sat in my university library, listening to some girls whisper at a hundred miles an hour – I want to think they’re whispering about me, saying I look great in my new sneakers, but they’re probably not.

Which instruments do you play?
I play the guitar and sing, I also stamp.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t yet heard you?
If a gentlemen lost his job, his wife left him and his baby fell out of a moving plane, he might go to a bar, he might order a string of double whiskeys, and then try and walk back to his flat, but when he gets to the corridor of his apartment block he sees his wife stood at the end, and he runs to her, shoulders smacking off either side of the corridor, tripping on the carpet, clawing at the wallpaper trying and stay on both feet at an impossible momentum just so he can get to his baby; I’d like people to get that kind of vibe from my songs, you know? But it’s probably better described as “a nice bob-along”.

What have you been up to recently?
I played a show at a pub on new year’s eve and have a show at Cardiff Art’s Institute on the 26th of January, that’s all unfortunately due to university work.

What music did you listen to while growing up?
My dad played a lot of George Thorogood on Sunday mornings whilst he made the Sunday lunch – my room was right next to the kitchen so I got a good ear-full.

How do you relax?
There are these videos on youtube where a woman shows you how to do your hair right, or how to put on makeup so you look like a lion or something – I don’t follow the advice but it’s relaxing to listen to.

What else do you do apart from being a singer/songwriter?
I’m in my third year at Cardiff University studying Philosophy. I like to go to out to the disco.

Would you like to be a full time working musician or are you happy with things as they are?
I am happy with the way things are, very happy, but it’ll be impossible to sustain when I’m no longer a student. To become a real rock star would be wonderful hell yes – who wouldn’t want to be a full time working rock star!

Is there anything you'd like to add?
Thanks ever so much for the interview!

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