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Jen: Let’s start by telling us your names and what you do in your group.

Abby Lipstick - I do vocals and some rhythm guitar
Jenna Blush – My younger sister on lead guitar
Wendy Shadow – Bass
Jeannette Gloss – Drums

Jen: How did you all meet?
I started this band with a college friend on drums then my sister joined. After our other friend left we went through a lot of bassists and
drummers until we found the perfect ones, Jeannette and Wendy!
We found both of them on MySpace! We saw Jeannette was a percussion major and emailed her. Later Wendy saw that we needed a bassist on MySpace. Auditioning in her see through mini dress, multi colored hair, and hot pink bass she fit right in. Now we’re all friends and go to Disneyland together, parties, shows, do girlie things like make up and watch "Josie and the Pussycats" and "Spinal Tap" together.

Jen: What are your shows generally like?
Abby: Our shows are high energy with our band chemistry of music and girl love, and interaction with the audience. We like to get the audience
involved and exchange that energy back and forth. I often jump off stage into the crowd, pull boys’ ties, slap girls’ asses, and have big chorus sing alongs. We rock face-melting powerpop!

Jen: How often do you perform live?
Abby: We perform the most in the summer with about one or two shows a week. The rest of the year we play one or two shows a month mostly in Orange County and LA. Performing is our favorite, but we want to spend time writing, recording and rehearsing.

Jen: Has anything crazy or bizarre ever happen while performing?
Abby: Our very first show there was a chick fight! Some drunk girls were talking shit and my friend in the audience was there with her 8 year old son. She said if the girls didn’t like us they should just not be there. Then the girls jumped her.
Security came to break them up and my friend rage blacked out and came to with a handful of hair. She wasn’t drunk and didn’t get kicked out but the other drunk bitches did =)
Early on we’d drink before shows and Jeannette got so drunk when she played she dropped a drumstick on her head. We don’t drink before shows anymore…just after.

Jen: Does any of your songs come from personal experiences?
They all do! Maybe not all of them literally but they’re personal and we relate to them in some way. When I first showed the girls "Living Doll" each of them almost cried. We can all relate to having lived for other people’s expectations and having to act perfect. Now we do what we want and anyone else can stick it!

Jen: How do you promote your music besides myspace, internet, etc?
We promote on social networks like MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook.. We also gain new fans at shows and give them our demo cd for free when they sign up on our mailing list. They can get our music for free in person or on Lots of fans become our friends and I even keep in touch via text. We also have a mobile fan club although I haven’t used it enough yet.

Jen: What would you like to tell you fans and new found fans?
That we love them smooches!
We perform and write songs for our fans to love as much as we love making and performing music! They mean everything to us and we appreciate every one of them so much. And we always appreciate fan feedback and really consider it.

Jen: Thanks so much for the interview. Have a great week.

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