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Brandon Myles Perry
Brandon Myles Perry
chef and author
“You are obviously a person of high integrity, congratulations for all your success and great intentions, and for your humanitarian activities.”
Kay Parker - Former Adult film star from the Critically Acclaimed Taboo Series, and New Age Metaphysical Counsellor and Lecturer.

Hi Brandon, how are you?
I am doing well, a little busy, seeing how I am opening a online chef school that offers certificates in all area’s of Culinary and pastry arts, Travel and Tourism, Management and Nutrition for only 500 dollars which you can check out at

What is your first ‘food’ memory?
My first good food memory was at the age of 5 helping my grandmother make bread, she’s a older french lady, still kicking too, and makes crazy-awesome home made bread every morning.

What was it about food that inspired you to become a chef?
I would have to say it is the way it brings people together and how I am able to use it to comfort people(s), as well as learning about so many cultures that revolve around it.

Which country’s cuisine do you think is the most over rated?
I would have to say, the new wave of Norway cooking, it’s not sensible, it’s repetitive and just a silly fad.

Which country’s food should get more recognition in your opinion?
I would have to say England, Ireland, and Scotland, all super underrated.

What is your worst food experience?
Strip club in Montreal, after drinking all night with friends, and going out to eat at Au pied de cochon and getting food poisoning- terrible. Drinking or not, terrible out of 10 I give that restaurant a negative 20 at least.

What has been the highlight of your food experiences so far?
Opening up my international catering business, because I see the power of food, no matter where in the world I am I see the power of what I do and how it helps people.

What food do you dislike?
I love all food, as long as it doesn’t come out of Au pied de cochon.

Do you cook at home?
Yes I do, I experiment with all my dishes at home before I sell anything. It is probably the most important place I cook, especially for me and my girl friend.

What is your favorite kitchen gadget?
Knives-next question.

Do you have a favorite recipe from one of your books?
Not really, I think of my recipes as my kids you know, I can't love one more then the other, and since I am only 22 and I don’t have kids, this is even more so a fact, haha.

Have any of the recipes in your books been created for the publication or are they all recipes that you use regularly?
That’s a awesome question, because all the recipes I have in my state books are in fact different then what I sell to the public, what I do regularity is more high-end more cutting edge-although I love the recipes, they are yesterdays news.

Do you have any new book projects planned?
Well I have several Spoken word projects I am doing now, a few audio titles, of the title’s I already have in print, but I do think by the end of this year a few more books will be coming out, I just have to get into the “Gin” a few night from now and a few idea’s will start rolling for sure!

Mixing cuisine from different countries in a ‘fusion’ style is something you are known for. Where did this idea come from?
Well it is a older concept really, although, there are several different way’s of doing it, my way is ever changing, all I know is that what I do is fusion, but I don’t really have a certain way of doing it which is hilariously weird to myself and others.

Are there any dishes/ingredients that you think would work together that you haven’t tried yet?
Every ingredient can in some respect work with every other ingredient, so for example, escargot wongton soup is something I created just today, with a french base to it, everyday I see that food is based upon the property’s of flux.

Do you think this style of cooking will become more popular as cultures blend and it becomes easier to get the different ingredients locally?
Yes and no, you see like fusion in music, there come’s a point where you cannot make it into a trend, make it trendy, sure, but a trend like for example....eating locally grow food, that’s a trend, a pointless trend at that, think about if Russians didn’t get food imported there or Siberia for that matter, what would they eat? Snow? Some trends make no sense but people buy into them, but fusion is wild and borrows from everything so there would never be a base to hold onto. Listen to Allan Holdsworth - Metal Fatigue and imagine that being on a pop radio, that’s the best example I can give, real fusion cuisine has no boundaries and cannot be controlled.

Is this style of cooking something people should try at home if they have an idea to combine multiple dishes that wouldn’t normally be served together?
Well...that could be a way of doing it, its more based on cooking principles, like for example, making...roasted chicken lasagna, Escargot Wongtong soup, Lobster Lolly pops, ect, but all fusion dishes I have created.

What ingredients should every home have so they can try ‘fusion’ cooking?
Hot peppers,Wild Mushrooms, Magic Mushrooms, stock, different spices, lots of vegetables, basically fusion is primarily not based upon, at least for me and the way I do it, on the ingredients as much as you take basic ingredients and manipulate them for a desired outcome.

Have you had an idea for a ‘fusion’ dish that didn’t work when it was put together?
Oh yes! When I first started practicing “High fusion”, no pun intended, a lot of stuff, basically 87.8 percent of stuff, real calculation as well, didn’t work whats so ever until I invented my own concepts and guidelines that have seen to notice works the best.

How do you feel about the local specialist food stores disappearing from our towns and being replaced by identikit supermarkets?
I think it sucks, it use to be so cool but not the stores have completely messed it all up, but soon I am going to get solar panels in my home when I buy one, and basically grow my own food with free electricity. Screw super markets there is nothing super about them at all.

What is your favorite drink or cocktail?
As my fellow Mixologist’s will more then likely cringe hearing this, take a glass, put ice then put gig, Pepsi, and gin, and don’t mix it, call it a “chef perry”.

When planning meals and menus how important is it for you to consider the local ingredients and wines for the overall balance?
Not at all, remember I am a fusion chef, that’s part of it.

With the age of the tv ‘Celebrity’ chefs, do you think people are now more interested in the food they are eating and do you think the overall effect is good or bad for the restaurant industry or has everyone become an ‘expert’ because they’ve seen it on TV?
The food network has made a clan of Zombie foodies, and or as I like to call them, the “culinary know it all’s” which are mindless zombies at best, and until they meet me think they are super cool and understand stuff-silly zombies!

Would having your own TV show be something you’d be interested in if the opportunity came along?
Ironically, I am going to be on T.V, or at least scenes from my first DVD will be on a local TV station coming this spring! My thoughts are that I basically don’t care, its all about promoting my stuff.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I am opening a online chef school that offers certificates in all area’s of Culinary and pastry arts, Travel and Tourism, Management and Nutrition for only 500 dollars per  certificate which you can check out at Buy my books. Spread the word about me! And give my website view by going on it every day for no apparent reason!

Brandon Myles Perry

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