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Jen: Let’s start by introducing your band members, and where are your from?
Steven Bauer (Steve-O) - Vocals
Steve Wheeler - Guitar
Trent Riley - Bass
Bryan Thomas - Drums
Trent: We are based out of Madisonville, a small town in Western KY.

Jen: How did Sexstone come about?

Trent: Sexstone started with a different lineup in ‘04 and disbanded in ‘06. In the Fall of ‘07, Wheeler and I decided to start a new rock/country crossover project doing some 80’s covers with a female vocalist. We held auditions and sent out ads, but just couldn’t find the right we started sending random e-mails through MySpace just
trying to find that right vocalist. One afternoon we received a reply from Steve Bauer, "I may not be female, but I write and sing". Attached was a rough home recording of "Falling Away" with an acoustic guitar. We just loved the song and the music, so we asked him to come in and audition. He’s just an amazing vocalist and writer, and that was deciding factor in reforming Sexstone.

Jen: Do any of you have a musical history?
Steve-O: I was in band in elementary school and sang all through middle and high school. Didn’t start writing music until college and the heartbreaks began!
Wheeler: I have been in many cover bands and played guitar in the live production of Little Shop of Horrors @ Madisonville Community College.
Trent: I’ve played in a few local original and cover bands in our area.
Bryan: Ive been playing drums since i was 9, so for allmost 27 years now! Have played with many bands around the area doing everything from blues and bluegrass, to country and metal.

Jen: Who are your musical heroes?

Steve-O: Third Eye Blind and Matchbox Twenty
Wheeler: Steve Vai, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Ace Frehley, and Prince
Trent: Slash, Duff, Robert Trujillo, DD Verni
Bryan: Animal! LOL Tommy Lee, Neil Peart, Chris Layton, Jeff Porcaro, are among the many I consider heroes of drumming.

Jen: How do you promote your music besides the internet.
We use every possible resource from flyers to radio...sometimes Wheeler even uses bathroom walls...




Jen: What websites can your music be found on?
The songs can be purchased at iTunes and CD Baby (Free Download Here)
Just search Sexstone on FaceBook for our Fan Page

Jen: Tell us about the causes you play for and how thats helped your growing success.
We do several benefit shows throughout the year. We’ve played shows for Relay for Life, CJ’s Bus, World Diabetes Day, as well as for local friends in need. We thoroughly enjoy being a part of such a great cause and helping them achieve their outcomes.

Jen: Are any of your songs from personal experiences?
Steve-O: All of is my diary
Trent: I think that everyone can find a piece of their own life in each of our songs, and that’s what really makes people connect with the music.

Jen: Who writes the songs in your group?

Trent: Steve-O is the main writer of the group.

Jen: What would you like to tell your fans and new found fans?
We’ve recently spent some time recording in Missouri with producer Brandon be on the lookout for new songs very soon. Also come out and see us live, because that’s where the magic happens!
Bryan: Stick around, good things are coming and we want you all to be there with us when they do. With out you guys, none of the things we do would be possible!
If you can’t feel the music, then it’s not worth listening to...Sexstone

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