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Elvis Jackson
Photograph Ziga Lovsin

Hi guys, hope all is well? You’ve been very busy touring the UK  recently. How has the tour been in general, and what are your high’s & low’s so far?
Yes, everything is fine. Thanks for the question. This was our first time in the UK and we had no expectations. We were very surprised by all the positive response. We played seven gigs and we can say we are satisfied. The UK tour was a great experience. We realised that it is a totally different from other parts in Europe where we play quite often.
If it was football, we would say the result is 5:2 for the good gigs. Not so bad for the first time. Unfortunately the promotion of the band failed in some clubs and pubs. There were no flyers even, no posters at the door, but in all we were prepared on all kind of
situations and we were just positively focused on shows.

The new single ‘Street 45’ is picking up some great reviews and went down a storm in Southampton recently. It’s a bit of a departure from some of your other material. Will we hear more songs like ‘Street 45’ in future, or were you just thinking of trying something different?
That’s hard to say. Sometimes we jam at rehearsals. That’s how some “different” ideas arise. There is tons of material we have, but some songs never come to life. If we will play songs like that in the future, it will be a surprise for us, too.

What’s the music scene like in Slovenia? Are there any bands over there who you would like to see getting the levels of attention that you’re now getting?
In Slovenia you can get almost all modern music styles. But unfortunately for rock’ n’ roll it doesn’t look so good. The “big” bands in Slovenia are mostly in pop rock. Some are good, some boring, and some also suck. We’ve got a lot of very good alternative bands, but no one sees them, no one writes about them. It’s a small country. There was a time we had some cool music magazines and TV music shows, but today everything’s gone. Bands have to do their promotion on their own. That means everything. But we try to stay positive.

Your album is full of a wide range of sounds. Who would you say were your main influences for the album?
There are various artists which influenced us in the past. It’s hard to say which are the main influences, but we can certalbum?ainly
mention some like Sublime, Bad Brains, NoFx, Metallica, Bob Marley, Slayer, Megadeth, Bad Religion, Sex pistols and many others. For the Against The Gravity album, there are no special present influences. We did the whole material in about seven months. Everything comes from our past influences.

What new bands are you listening to at the moment?
We are like those “old school” guys. We are listening mostly to the music of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. From time to time the new stuff is a little bit curious. There are really a few new bands which can convince us. One of our mottos is “Go on stage and play!”
We think today all other is more important than music.

If you were headlining a festival and could pick any 3 bands from history to co-headline with you, what bands would you go for?
Sublime, Faith No More, Bad Brains for sure!
NoFx would be fine too.

What are your plans for the next 12 months? Will we see more of you in the UK?
We are doing on our new album, which will be released at the end of next year. Until then we have a lot of concerts and other things to do.. We just have couple of dates booked for our next tour in March 2012. Don’t miss London show at The Purple Turtle in
Camden on Wednesday, 21st March 2012, the other dates will be from 15th March till 31st March 2012. It looks we will definitely come back to UK more often now.
Please check out regularly our homepage and join us on facebook:

People at your live shows get treated to a lot of jumping around, trumpets, bongos and crowd participation from you! If you had a huge budget what would add to your live shows to make them even more memorable?
Nothing. In the past we had more of requisites for the show. But we realised that this isn’t so important. People hear the music and feel your positive vibes. That’s the starting position. If that fits, you can just put a little bit of salt and pepper and you have a great soup.

These days the world of downloading has a huge impact on the music business. Are you all for downloading as a way of getting your music out to a wider audience? Even at the risk of losing out financially?
Today the meaning of CD is just like giving a visiting card to someone. We have to accept that and that’s a fact. We lose our identity and some respect when our music is downloaded. Honestly, we do the same. In probably five or ten years something will happen again. Maybe it will be better for musicians or even worse.

Your video for ‘Street 45’ is excellent. What was the inspiration behind it?
Thank you very much. It was an idea to make it in New York and put some animation in it. It was a co-operation between people in Bosnia, Slovenia and the USA. The story in the video shows what song “street 45” is about. How is living on a street, what are the people like when you meet them. If you fall or die on the street, no one cares.

Describe your album ‘Against The Gravity’ in one sentence.
It is a fast, positive and live sounding album.

And finally, complete this sentence:
The world is a better place with Elvis Jackson the morning when you wake up and you feel allright.

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