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Jen: Let’s start by telling us your names & what each of you do.
[dweeb]: Well we have Tim on lead vocals, guitar and synth, The Bman on lead guitar and BV’s, Matt on bass, synth and BV’s and Dave on drums

Jen: How did [dweeb] get started?
[dweeb]: We met at a school of music and theology in Coventry, UK, called Nexus. We got together as a bit of fun but ended up giving up places at uni to pursue the band more fully once leaving Nexus.

Jen: I see you guys are touring now any chance of you touring in the US?
Yeah that’s right. We’re about to head off on tour in Slovakia for two weeks, and then to Denmark for two weeks at the end of October. We have talked with our label about the  possibility of going to the US but to really make an impact we would need to go and live there for a year. This would be a massive commitment for our families so it’s something that needs some serious thought! However, if we were to land a support tour for a few months then we’d be well up for doing that!

Jen: What is your most memorable experience since you have been touring?
[dweeb]: Oh wow that’s a hard one, there’s been a lot! For the last two years we’ve been out to play this amazing festival in Slovakia called Camp Fest. The audience are crazy out there and they seem to really love us, so it’s been pretty awesome to go and rock out with a few thousand crazy Slovaks.

Jen: What are your shows generally like?
[dweeb]: Really high energy. We like to have a lot of fun with the audience. We don’t just want to simply perform but we love to engage the crowd and have a good time together. We also want our shows to challenge people to think. We’re four people who are passionate about God, he changed our lives and we like to get people thinking about that. It’s not something we force on anyone, we’re just having this continually life changing experience and so naturally that comes out in our songs.

Jen: What kind of feed back did you get after your feature on BBC?
[dweeb]: Incredible feedback! In fact we’ve never seen anything else like it in our band’s history. We had literally hundreds of emails and myspace messages of people who had been affected and challenged by the show - there were some incredible stories actually. It was a big risk but it turned out to be well worth doing.

Jen: Anything crazy or bizarre ever happen while performing?
[dweeb]: Oh yeah plenty! On one occasion we came out during our intro trying to make this big entrance and Bman, our guitarist climbed on top of his amp to jump off it for a big first chord. However at some point he had got his foot caught in his lead so when he jumped off he did a full on face plant in to the floor!!! It was fairly savage then, but funny to look back on now!

Jen: What is your latest album called?
[dweeb]: ‘It Came From Outer Space!’ The artwork is all based around old skool B-movies, it looks pretty ace! The cheapest way to get hold of it is to buy it directly from our record label. Just click on the banner at the top of our myspace page:

Jen: Do you have anything planned in the future for us to look forward to?
[dweeb]: Yes indeed! We are currently writing for a new album. We’ve developed the sound so it’s not just It Came From Outer Space mark 2!
So there’s a bit of an electro edge to the sound now with rock very much at the core. We’ve signed a new deal with Fierce? for this album which we are very excited about. The plan is to release in April 2010, this will be followed by a big tour, so it’s gonna be a great year!

Jen: What would you like to tell your fans and new found fans?
[dweeb]: I guess if we had to say one thing it would be this.... Hope. Whatever stage you’re at in life, however hard it gets, no matter how you feel about yourself on any given day, there is always, always hope. We are convinced that true hope comes from Jesus, it is always there and it is a hope that does not disappoint us, that does not let us down. In him there is always hope.

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