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Talk To Angels

Talk to Angels feature Embrace keyboard player Mickey Dale and play a benefit gig in memory of Adam Cooper who died from heart failure aged 21 following a battle against  heart disease from birth.
The gig takes place on Oct 22nd (9.30pm) at The Coniston, Louisa Street , Idle, Bradford, BD10 8NE
It's free entry, and TTA will ask for donations, plus donate their fee to the Take Heart organisation who helped Adam throughout his short life.

Take Heart was founded in 1989 and since then has raised nearly two million pounds to fund major projects.
We are committed to giving care and comfort to patients and their families at the Yorkshire Heart Centre at Leeds General Infirmary and St James Hospital and its Units within the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.
We endeavour to ensure that patients and their families enjoy the very best of comfort within the Yorkshire Heart Centre at what can be a very stressful time.
The charity is run entirely on a voluntary basis,so the vast majority of funds go directly to the projects for which they are intended.


Talk To Angels are the United Nations of the music industry, uniting the coolest of indie kids, the scruffiest of metal-heads and the sassiest of pop princesses as one. Bringing the world together is a beautiful thing, someone has to since Bono did his back in. Maybe you're aware of the band already? Maybe you visited their Myspace page once and spent the next few days humming the insanely-catchy hooks of Enemies Closer? Perhaps you've witnessed one of their mesmerizing gigs (partying in pyjamas or otherwise), or have just seen the band name-checked as a one to watch?

In fact, the music industry in the United States were the first to pick up on the band, inviting them to last year's South by Southwest festival and undertaking a debut tour of the US. The jaunt resulted in a dramatic conclusion after their last gig when one of the band met with a car running a red light, leaving him with serious injuries and a band stranded far from home. But a crushing alloy bumper would never be enough to keep these young troopers down for long...

Three quarters of Talk to Angels were born in Bradford 21 years ago. Craig Kaye (vocals/guitar) Chris Robbins (bass) and Jamie Lofthouse (drums) have known each other pretty much all their lives, forming the band at the tender age of 15. A couple of years ago, they cleverly negotiated some free studio time with Mickey Dale, the keyboard player from Embrace in return for clearing out his basement (you know the usual - lawnmower, Christmas decorations, car parts) so he could physically get a studio in there.

Mickey agreed to engineer new tracks from the three noiseniks. Mickey turned on the mixing desk, sat back and was promptly blown away by the sheer quality and velocity exploding from the speakers and announced right there he was joining the band!

Let’s face it, Mickey knows a thing or two about bands  augmenting an already joyous, often acerbic, dramatic sound with his own style to create a unique cacophony, resulting in one of the singles of 2010. Talk To Angels write vivid songs about guilt, pleasure and pain. Bittersweet laments about life, lost love and murderous intentions driven by incendiary passion. The lads deliver a sound that makes boys dance and girls weak at the knees.

Welcome to the new soundtrack of 2010. Sit back, crack open the space dust and lets go warp speed Captain.

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