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Elvis Jackson

Elvis Jackson, The Tubman, Hastings


I’d heard good things about Elvis Jackson, so although I wasn’t that familiar with their music, I jumped at the chance to see them on their first visit to the UK at ‘The Tubman’ in Hastings. Normally artists from Europe play gigs the other end of the country, so something that was in driving distance couldn’t be missed. Especially if Elvis Jackson are half as good as I had been reliably informed by my contacts in Slovenia.

Arriving at the venue, from the lack of promotion on the outside, you wouldn’t know that Elvis Jackson are already an established band in Slovenia. Although this was the first time in the UK for the band, I did wonder how they would react to such a small venue after playing to much larger festival audiences across Europe.

When the time came for Elvis Jackson to hit the stage, the audience had at least reached double figures, which is slightly better than playing to an empty room when you’ve got a 20 hour drive ahead of you to get home. (This was the last gig of the UK tour and the band was driving home that night.)

It didn’t take long for Elvis Jackson to show how good they are.
With everything in their repertoire from the radio friendly ‘What Took You So Long’, the Zappa-esque ‘Boys and Girls’ to the heavier, metal influenced ‘A Glass of Tequilla’ and stadium rocker ‘Breaking The Silence’, this band has riffage to compete with the best and an outstanding drummer in Marko Soršak who at times is reminiscent of the likes of Neil Peart.
Throughout the change of music styles and tempo’s, they still manage to sound like Elvis Jackson, no copy-cat, sound alike, impersonations taking place here.

Despite the small audience, the band gave 100%, with front man David Kovšca - Buda,  doing everything he could to get the audience involved, while Boštjan Beltram - Berto (guitar), Erik Makuc - Slavc (bass guitar) and Marko Soršak - Soki (drums) kept the place rocking in the Elvis Jackson pop-punk-rock-reggae-metal-jazz groove.

Elvis Jackson are amazingly good. As good as, and better than most of the bands of a similar style that we in the UK are spoon fed by the main stream media.
It may have been Elvis Jacksons first time in the UK, but everyone in the audience I spoke to after the gig liked them and couldn’t understand why they hadn’t heard of them. 
Let’s hope they return to the UK again soon and they get to play the venues and to the audiences that they deserve.
Promoters and venues should be kicking themselves for missing this opportunity and knocking down doors to get Elvis Jackson the next time they visit these shores.


Supporting Elvis Jackson at ‘The Tubman’ was Dusty Rosko, a local band that I hadn’t heard of before. Judging by their performance and subsequent listening to their album ‘Next Wave – Heavy Soul’ they are a band to watch out for in the future.


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