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Who The Hell Are Up?

Well they are not Hurts, and they are not The Killers, although they do write dangerously catchy, stadium-sized electronic pop rock with more hooks then a fisherman’s hut.

The video for 'Figured Out' recorded during a live session at The Electric Ballroom might give you more of an idea as to what they have to offer.

Up - Figured Out

After watching those, you might now see UP as an edgy group of healthy looking whippersnappers set to capture the hearts of the public. Their songs draw on the experiences of modernistic youth, characterised in a society full of predatory glamour where falling in love during a one night stand or showboating beyond your means are most pressing issues.

It’s October and it’s nearly raining. Here we go again. The raindrops running down cars and buses, you know, the ones that swell up your trouser leg or soak your tights and cement you to your shirt are here again, forever, it seems.

As if in preparation for this Up have been recording with producer Cam Blackwood (We Are Scientists, Alabama 3 and Brother and previously mixed work from Cee-lo Green, Jamiroquai and CSS) but truth be told, they are pretty oblivious to all this change. I suppose you’ll be pushed to meet four more self-centred individuals. But for now they’ve come together to pen a collection of songs so bright their blazers and sparkly white teeth sit comfortably in the mix, and it’s awful nice of them to want to share them with us.

See Up at The Wheelbarrow, London - 23rd November (Headline)

Who the hell are UP?.. indeed.

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