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Elvis Jackson - Street 45


Slovenia’s Elvis Jackson recently enjoyed a very successful run of things, having just visited the UK on their first ever UK tour. The week long tour, accompanied by the release of new single ‘Street 45’ (and follow up to their album ‘Against The Gravity’) marked a new chapter in the band’s extensive live tour book. Having toured the world over, the UK was a real highlight for the band, who said;

“Our tour in the UK in October was the first time we performed in the UK. We had no expectations at all. We played seven gigs and were really surprised to get such a positive response. The tour was truly a great experience. We realised that it's totally different from other parts in Europe, where we play quite often. We are very glad to be asked to return and can’t wait to tour in March 2012. We will try to come back again and again, and please, spread the news that Elvis Jackson are coming to party & rock the house again!”


Elvis Jackson - Not Here To Pray


The band is also pleased to announce that in the near future their entire back catalogue will be made available through distributors in the UK.

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There's echoes of early Offspring and Blink 182, EJ are band with such positive music and the wide-eyed self confidence to carry it off to a chance of success - KERRANG

EJ have a knack for writing particularly catchy songs that transcend various genres. If FNM, Pennywise and Devildriver had kids.. well, you get the idea - BIG CHEESE


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