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Mr Payne, Ziphedz, Mandem Productions and ShyChlo at The Bar Below, Folkestone, Kent, England.

The day is Saturday 21st of January, the time Mr Wolf is quarter to eight and the place is Folkestone’s hidden gem (if I’m honest I got lost) The Bar Below.  It played host to a night of awesome music courtesy of PHV Enterprises with performances from Mr Payne, Ziphedz, Mandem Productions and ShyChlo.

The relaxed and intimate space was the perfect environment for opener Mr Payne. Taking the stage, the Folkestone Rapper delivered a great set with moments of anger and tenderness – all delivered with warmth and sincerity.   Interacting with the audience, his highly relatable songs won over their respect.  One spectator commented ‘that takes serious balls’.  Despite opening he coaxed the crowd like shy woodland creatures from their sofas (and they were comfy) and even the bar.  He alone was worth more than £3 entry, and he was only the first of four.  Curious? You should be, and with two free mixtapes it would be criminal not to be.

Ziphedz followed and highlighted the night’s biggest strength,  every band offered something different.  This thought crossed your mind for a whole 0.2 seconds before Ziphedz’s blasted through your ears.  They made their sound up from of a genius combination of guitar, bass and beats.  Queue buzz words: energy – style – inspired – electric.  These buzz words would make some awesome honey.  More importantly they created dancing and various movements, and a wall of people to annoy the barman stranded at the back.  The set was punctuated with some inspired samples (and nipples courtesy of Mr Dave Masters).

Mandem Productions were next to take the mantel, bringing a big sound and even bigger stage presence.  Tight as a group they continued Ziphedz work and filled the room with more energy than a redbull powered squirrel.  Creating an electric atmosphere (there’s a pound in the cliché jar) the collective impressed with genius flows and some ace hip-hop.  They gave the audience a wide range of vocal styles, keeping the set fresh and hard to look away from.

ShyChlo closed the gig in a big way – give or take a few breakages.  They started with the announcement that they were planning to enter Britain’s Got Talent, before playing a few covers in their trademark style -loud and energetic.  An oldie but a goodie, one stand out cover of the night was Dizzee Rascal’s Bonkers.  The bands set brimmed with energy and passion, original songs like Wake Up just as good as any covers. The band played so hard that drummer Kevin actually kicked through the kick drum.  Not to be out done Guitarist Joel, played lying on the floor.  Funny.  Friendly.  Loud.  Everything you could ask for.

PHV Enterprises put on a great gig, with four excellent sets from four bands all destined for very good things.  All for £3, crazy!!

David Horn

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