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Dirty Drew at The Oranges, Ashford, Kent 28/01/2012

There is a great music orientated pub in the town of Ashford, Kent called The Oranges.  Behind the decks once a month is Kent-based rock DJ Drew Harris, to use his full title Dirty F***in’ Drew.  He may or may not have some kind of magic ability.  I say this because after a frankly epic introduction people streamed in like students to free stuff.

What followed was DJ set full of energy and charisma.  The tunes were big with everything from Dragonforce to the classics via Skrillex.  Before you could say ‘is that...’ you were already reaching for your air guitar.  The set did reach an all-time heavy however.  Complete with its own warning from Dirty F***in’ Drew himself the Pokémon theme was unleashed on the vibrant Oranges crowd.  Alongside a genius meeting of Pendulum and Pulp Fiction the set was full of moments that surprized you.   To this this sonic barrage the audience reacted in the only way possible.   Rocking, singing and even a little dancing (in my case I use the term loosely...).

The song choice was perfect and the audience interaction was great.  As well as this the whole set felt like a performance in its own right.  From that epic introduction voiced by Drew himself to the moves and expressions that temporarily possessed his body the space behind the decks took on a unique atmosphere.  Seeing this shows the love of music, DJing and entertaining shine through; making the loud noises even more engaging.  The set was natural and organic but also showed the care and planning behind every twist and turn.  This highlighted the love attention that had gone into it.

DJ nights hosted by Dirty F***in’ Drew offer a great live experience.  It’s the best night you’ll go to in a long time.  If you are an aspiring Kent-based rock DJ Drew gives over the first hour of his set to new talent.  Contact him via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Facebook , who knows what could happen.

David Horn


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