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Lets Rock Kent 2012
Sonic Boom Six - Photo by Marianne Harris

"Let’s Rock Folkestone 2012", 24 February 2012 at The Tower Theatre, Folkestone, Kent

Let’s Rock Folkestone 2012 took place in the rather grand setting of a The Tower Theatre. After a slightly close to the wire set up the Theatre’s bar was ready to host six exceptional bands.

The first to exercise the specially acquired beast of a P.A system was I.R.I.S. After dimming the lights the band got straight to the matter of creating more loud noises than Anchorman’s Brick Tamland. They drew the still small crowd to the stage and the set the standard for the night. The highly anticipated set was exploded with big tracks and crowd interaction from the first second. The set was followed by many late comers annoyed at missing out on such an exceptional band. A headliner in their own right this band have versatility and charisma making for an excellent live show.

Promise Me Tomorrow built on I.R.I.S’s good work and supplied more energetic rock music. Pulling in the growing crowd like music loving moths to ... well a rock band! The atmosphere continued to build; bodies even moved with little to no alcohol – if that’s not a sign of quality nothing is! The set was full of strong riffs and variety, keeping you guessing whenever you thought you had the band down. The set provided a taster of the epic shows waiting to happen on their co-headline Dirty South tour.

A shift in sound saw The Soundcasters ply their unique indie sound brimming with 60’s vibes. Despite the contrast with the previous two bands the audience took The Soundcasters to their hearts. Their quirky energy made it hard for onlookers to resist vaguely rhythmic movements (mine were very vague). Good banter and the odd guitar flourish helped give the set an inviting feel as they went into their final song French Habit. French Habit’s crowd friendly ending even tempted a little sing-along out of the audience. The guitar riff for French Habit is still echoing around my head.

There was another shift as ShyChlo took to the stage, bringing heavy sounds and rapping to the musical punch bowl. Big guitars and frantic drumming pulled the audience right up to the stage. Luckily there was still a little for a very energetic guitarist, proving once for all that blokes can multi-task..just. Energy was in both the performance and the music as the band played a storming set. Between songs the band had a light hearted demeanour, personified by a genius medley towards the end of the set. Originals like the new single Wake Up and What You Need with a genius guitar part show the bands talent. Another highly anticipated band they even got in a sneaky extra song.

Electric River were next to tread the boards, bringing a little ska to the event. Launching straight into Tombstone Jones the energy created by ShyChlo kept growing, the audience now at its biggest yet. Crowd interaction and even another sing-along made the audience as much part of the set as the band. Sweat from the band showed just how hard they were playing. The band filled the stage with both numbers and presence. The music was delivered with passion and surrounded by a friendly atmosphere; like the worlds nicest swat team. All this and there was still another band to come!

Headliners Sonic Boom Six hit the stage in a storm of guitars and noise. The Road To Hell is Paved With Good Intentions slammed into the audience’s ears setting up the Manchester band’s set. The band played a loud and furious yet diverse set backed by big guitars and drumming and fronted by dual vocalists. Songs like The Road ... showed their capacity for energy while tracks such as Sunny Side of the Street brought in more relaxed reggae influences. Good flows and tight playing complemented each other perfectly. . Even before requests from Laila K to bounce, the crowd was starting to move – occasionally turning into sea of jumping bodies! The set’s energy reached its peak and culminated in a wall of death. Brave at the best of times, braver when one mosher had a fairly epic Mohawk!

At the end of the night the musical punch bowl like all the best, a lethal yet delicious cocktail of sounds coming together to give you an epic buzz but for once no memory gaps. The Tower Theatre saw six epic bands and four hours of amazing music. Each band sounded at their peak, in part down to a savage P.A but also down to the hard work of the theatres sound crew, Andrew Kesby and Sonic Boom Six’s very own sound engineer. The gig even had Drop Dead t-shirts to give away.
The night was organised by PHV Enterprises in support of the student ’02 Think Big Campaign’, look out for many more great nights to come!

David Horn

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