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Common Outlaw, The Soundcasters, Blaise Paisel and Matt Appleby at the View & Bar Below, 18 February 2012

It’s Saturday the 18th of February, and in a decidedly damp Folkestone some lovely sounds are about to happen.  Promoted by  PHV Enterprises  and run by Under the Radar, The View & Bar Below saw four Kent acts play some inspired sets.

First on stage was Common Outlaw.  They opened the gig with some strong indie rock ‘n’ roll (que the old Killers track, I know it’s playing in your head).  The set boasted strong originals like Up On This Mountain and a genius cover of Deep Purple.  A previous reviewer caught them early on and mentioned potential – it’s safe to say they’re realising it.  The covers which also included the Arctic Monkeys show the pace and skill this band can play at.  Track them down on Facebook for some free music and hear what you missed.

The next band on stage for people to wrap their ears around were The Soundcasters.  Much like eating a masterpiece of a biscuit as soon as they started playing you knew there was something special about them.  As they launched into We Are The Soundcasters you heard a unique and warm sound with a few 60s vibes, but also something not quite like anything else around.  Their engaging and unique style even brought a smile to the most adamant rockers.  After an ear catching set the band ended on the infectious French Habit, leaving big smiles on their audience.  Look out for this band in the future!

The good vibes kept coming as Blaise Paisel began playing.  Heartfelt vocals and high energy built on The Soundcasters performance and kept the gig running on a high.  Like The Soundcasters before them they have a unique and refreshing sound.   The sincere quality of the music and the build that took you by surprise in many of their tracks made the set special.  Hear their music for yourself with more free downloads from their website.  Good crowd interaction the odd bit of tuning made the set personal, inviting and mesmerising.  Intrigued?

The gig was closed by Matt Appleby.  A bad throat meant this nearly didn’t happen but happily it did and was the perfect close to the gig.  Armed with just an acoustic guitar he filled the stage as much as any band before him.  He played a short and relaxed yet enthralling set, having the audience in the palm of his guitar (in the future guitars will definitely have palms)  He may leave Kent for sunnier climes so check him out on the 7th of April at the Globe Inn, Hythe.

The set up by Under the Radar was more than enough for the intimate space and gave a gig lover exactly what they want.  A very quick turn around and slightly ringing ears after.  Search these bands out, your ears will thank you.

David Horn

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