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 Sure I’m aware that a lot of things happen by chance, but pure luck…?

Life As A Rock Star with Clint Hell

I do not believe in luck. Sure I’m aware that a lot of things happen by chance, but pure luck…?
Come on!?

How many times have you actually heard or experienced someone close coming into millions or reaching a dream goal without trying hard? I know I haven’t got a single such case at hand. Sure, there are instances of people being approached by modelling agents in the street. Even singers that get a break and a record deal from singing in the street or on the bus. But then again, it’s not pure chance, is it? If you chose not to sing on the bus or in the street no one would have noticed you for sure. It’s more about timing – being in the right place at the right time.

Instead, I believe you prepare for luck. Now take the lottery or lotto. You have to prepare for luck by buying the ticket, filling out the numbers or whatever it is you have to do. I believe that we prepare for luck in the same way in our everyday life. Basically, it’s like when you’ve just bought a new car. Suddenly you see the very same model on every road, on every corner, in every parking lot… If you set your mind on getting a new job, you open your eyes to the possibility that there may be an opening somewhere – you talk to people and that way they too open their eyes and look for the opportunity on your behalf. You talk a little extra to people you meet that are in the field or could help you in any way. And you also open the window to feeling ‘good enough’ for – or even that you deserve – the job. Or whatever it may be.

Me? I’m not so sure I’ve taken my own advice on this. Perhaps that is why I am where I’m at? Not a bad place, I will agree to that, but things could always be a little better, right? ;-) Anyway, I’m definitely sure about having missed a lot of opportunities, simply because I wasn’t prepared enough to see it as an opportunity.

So, what happens is that you open yourself to the slightest chance and when you are open to it, you will actually see the opportunity when it comes along. The formula, if we were talking physics, chemistry or math, would then be; Preparedness + Opportunity = Luck.

I do not believe in luck. Do you?

Clint Hell


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