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 There used to be a time when I really, really wanted to become religious.

Life As A Rock Star with Clint Hell

There used to be a time when I really, really wanted to become religious. To truly believe in something – something outside myself that could help me get through the day and week and month ahead of me. So I looked around. Read the Bible and Bhaghavad-Gita and stuff about crystals and healing and… But nothing really worked for me.

In my mind, religion has played out its role in modern society. That is the conclusion I reached after shopping around. Religion is not needed in the same way it might have been a couple of hundred years ago. All prayers are too far from our modern lives and ways of thinking. What we do, how we react to things around us, how we function as human beings in this day and age.

And another thing about religion is all the trouble it has caused over the years, and still do. I don’t think being religious makes you ‘dangerous’, but being a fanatic does. It isn’t really religion, whichever religion it may be, that causes trouble – it’s the people struggling for power within each religion. And they are more often than not fanatics. Perhaps that is the only way to gain power, but it really sucks when people start wars for religious –or any other – reasons just to gain power. Fanatics of all sorts are dangerous and they will twist any given religion to fit their purposes. That way, they can do whatever the hell they please and will still point to ‘The Book’ and say: "It’s all in there. It is the God-given law." And they will definitely step over your dead body to get what they want. No matter how wrong they are.

So I’m thinking… Maybe we need a new kind of religion? Maybe we need to say new types of prayers?
Like: Forgive me my humanity, my inability to fulfil my good intentions. Forgive me all my dreams, my good intentions and my shortcomings. Forgive me my imperfection.

That is what modern mankind’s prayer should be. And we ought to say it more often to the ones we love – our children, parents, partners, friends and siblings. Perhaps even our workmates, schoolmates and/or bandmates…

Because that is how we are. Incomplete, and rather failed individuals. In spite of our good
intentions. Or perhaps, because of them. Perhaps our good intentions are impossible and unreasonable? Perhaps we, in all our good intent, form unreasonable demands on ourselves? Demands that are impossible to fulfil? Maybe we are only dreaming dreams that can’t be reached? And all out of goodwill, good intentions and benevolence.

Clint Hell


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