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 Why let the moral minority in the US govern what is sold and/or distributed all around the world?

Life As A Rock Star with Clint Hell

I got to thinking when I was trying to register our "SH! EP" to be sold on iTunes etc through Now, this is something I’ve been thinking about before, but this time it really got me started.

I think my real question here is – Why let the moral minority in the US govern what is sold and/or distributed all around the world? I’m not sure I think it’s right, do you?

Exactly WHERE does one draw the line for "explicit lyrics" and where is it appropriate to apply "parental warning"? Is it just swearing in general? Does well-known euphemisms count? Is it the subject matter of the lyrics? Or the way the music is played?

Maybe that particular line is very distinct if you are an American and have grown up under the influence of the moral minority of the rich ultra-Christians in the States. Maybe this is no problem in the whole Anglo-Saxon world, but you have to remember I was brought up mainly in Sweden – a fairly
secularised country where swearing really isn’t all that bad.

To me, it really doesn’t matter, you know. People can be very creative, nice and intelligent and STILL swear a lot. There are times when I swear a lot, and I mean a LOT. There are other times when I don’t. Depends on what I want to say and in what situation and to whom I’m speaking. As long as I know what I say, and as long as I get my message through.

The reason I began pondering this issue is that we have a song that – in my mind – is quite harmless when it comes to subject matter of the lyrics and very ‘pop’ when it comes to music. But. There is ONE single "effing" in it. And the song is instantly labelled unsuitable…

And how far does this line stretch into other art forms? What can you depict in a painting or a photo? What can you write about in a book? To me, it is a form of censorship and do we really need, or want, that? (This comes from a bloke – me – living in a country where we STILL have a central censorship agency for movies, run by our government… It is proposed – once again – that it should be shut down, but no definite decision has been made.)

This is not me saying we should all start swearing and using foul language in front of kids and all the time. Far from it. But why the stigma? Most people swear. (Not everyone, but most.)

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s just my problem with authority – the kind of authority that has no ground in respect or competence, no more ground than "Cos I said so". That kind of ‘authority’ just makes me react like "Duh!? Who the ffff do you think you are?" and I do my best to do the opposite. And people may call me foulmouthed, but I do know what I say. (Most of the time, anyway. ;-)

Clint Hell

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