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 I mean, exactly WHEN does a person become a rock star?

Life As A Rock Star with Clint Hell

As soon as we got on the net, on all the new communities that popped up (and still are), I noticed something really quickly – something that amazed me: People seemed to think we we’re rock stars!
Now THAT, I can tell you, was something new to me.

How I noticed this was through various comments, all going something like "Wow! Thanx for replying, but is it really you?" or ""Geez, that’s the first time I got a personal reply from a rock star! Thank you".
And to me, I was still just a regular bloke. I still had the same full time job, took the kids to day-care and school and had my music as a hobby, still only rehearsing once a week and gigging about once a month/every second month.Same as always. And no tours whatsoever, just playing around our
hometown Stockholm in Sweden. So let’s face it: We really had no plans to go anywhere but couldn’t give up on our music. So we kept going ‘cos it’s just so much fun. And settled our dreams a long time ago to be happy doing just what we are doing. In my mind there’s definitely no "rock star-ism" there. But people on the net obviously seemed to think otherwise.

Perhaps it’s a question of definition. I mean, exactly WHEN does a person become a rock star?
Has it got something to do with a person’s attitude? Or that he or she is in a band? Or is it when that person can actually make that passion for music a living? Or is it simply distance?

I don’t have a clear answer to that question but I know for sure that there is NO-ONE close to me that sees me, or any of the members in my band, as a rock star. Then again, does family and friends of Chris Cornell or James Hetfield or PJ Harvey see them as rock stars? I’m not sure, but I don’t think so. I think it would be kind of a weird relation if you saw your brother, sister, mother, father or lover as a rock star.
Perhaps a certain amount of distance is needed to see someone as that. Or else they transform into
people, just like you and me.

A bloke I know said he follows me on twitter. And he also follows Chris Cornell. He said it was basically like reading about the same person. Difference being I have a quite different full time job than Chris does. And – at times – I’m really happy with what I do.
What if my passion for music became a full time job?

Rock on,
Clint Hell

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