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 Me? Yeah, I’m a hairy guy – off and on. ;-)

Life As A Rock Star with Clint Hell

What’s the deal with male musicians and facial hair? I’m not sure this is a problem, but it has been on my mind off and on for quite some time. Most start out clean-shaven, mostly because they’re too young to have any other option, but at one point or another in their career, male musicians inevitably get some sort of ‘arrangement’ of facial hair.

A wild grown beard is a common ‘facial decoration’. I don’t know, but I think it may have to do with trying to signal some sort of….‘artistry’ or ‘artistic flair’… This is mostly found within heavier music – rock, heavy rock or metal – but can also be found in country, folk music and blues.

That’s one option. Another is the ‘ironic moustache’. This is a ‘facial decoration’ commonly found among indie musicians. I’m not sure, but I think it has to do with saying something like: ‘Hey, man! I’m not serious about this, it’s all a big joke. Look at my moustache for Christ’s sake! You can’t really believe I’m trying to make something out of this music thing…?’. My biggest problem with this is that so many have it, so it just doesn’t seem ironic anymore. And if you keep it for several years… Well, where’s the irony?

A third option for being ‘creative’ with your facial hair as a male musician is growing sideburns. They may differ in shape and size, but having them is trying to say… Well, what they’re supposed to signal or convey, I have absolutely no idea. Sideburns are also most commonly found within heavier music, same genres as the wild grown beard.

A fourth option is the three-day-stubble. This can be found in any genre, really. Even pop (just think of George Michael). I think this tries to convey a sense of someone being to busy to shave properly or too lazy to bother…

I can’t say that I know for sure, but these assumptions all stem from my own prejudices – which I proudly and happily reserve the right to keep. ;-)

Do any of these facial hair alternatives look good? Well…. For me, the ironic moustache is a big – BIG – no-no. The three-day-stubble and sideburns may look cool, but I’m not sure I think they look ‘good’. The wild grown beard is simply just for a few and, at least in my mind, it diffuses individual expression. I mean, how can you tell the blokes with beards in the Fleet Foxes apart, for instance?

Another question, related to this, is of course why so few office rats have it?

Me? Yeah, I’m a hairy guy – off and on. ;-)

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