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Andy Lange - Wherever You Wanna Go

Andy Lange

Andy Lange - Wherever You Wanna Go

The album has a late 1960s West Coast feel to it.

At best Andy’s 'Wherever You Wanna Go' album is packed with acoustic songs complimented by lyrical humility and grace.

He has a pleasant vocal range and stylistically the contemporary country undertones will definitely hit the spot with some renegades of the West Coast fashion.

But to me Andy’s voice can’t help but remind me of They Might Be Giants though his poetic content is less obscure. I’d go so far as to say it’s bland.

Playing Wish just reminds me of funerals.

With an unhurried delivery of words this chappy has the skill to entertain the Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) crowd.

Harmonies to thrill the talented dead.

To be fair though there is a killer tune in Not Sure Yet and I Was Thinking (featuring Jessica Freedman) which has a British overtone that brought back memories of The Beatles.

I know this guy has won awards for Rockets but his fire pace doesn’t move me at all.

Lisa Kalloo

Wherever You Wanna Go
Track list
1 - Wherever
2 - Rockets
3 - My Only Fan
4 - Don't Lose Your Light
5 - I Was Thinking (Feat. Jessica Freedman)
6 - This Time Will Be Better
7 - Take One With Me (Just One)
8 - Stay
9 - Out of My Mind
10 - Wish
11 - Maybe You Will
12 - If There Could Be a Song
13 - Not Sure Yet

Lisa Kalloo

Lisa Kalloo flew into radio and television journalism shortly after her degree with law at Holborn Law College, University of London and then Masters at University of Wolverhampton.

Deciding the legal sphere was way too starchy for her artistic tastes and critical outlet she moved into frontiers that enabled her to channel her energy into more energising pursuits working for Network 5 TV and then the Wolverhampton and Dudley Journal.  In between these jaunts she worked with a number of musicians both solo and collaborative projects as well as jungle and drum n bass DJs, artists, sound engineers, producers and promoters. Coming from a rock background the digital and analogue shades were relished by her colleagues.

She developed a taste for writing at a very early age and was encouraged to understand the technical hardware world by an eccentric Sufi.  Spurred by his poetic pessimism she engaged herself in the digital world of writing and reviewing in car entertainment devices and other gadgetries for carcomputer.co.uk and later writing industrial technical specs for Lilliput UK.

Deeply desirous for pastures, new though familiar, she moved back to London having been in the wilderness of Wolverhampton for way too long. She fell into the publishing world working for Hotcourses UK for a few years.

Feeling the need to stretch herself further she embarked on a number of freelance projects and came to Somojo Magazine with a plan… To put the critique back into music! To shake that blanket of dust that gives complacency a jolt and fires commitment back to musical honesty and comment.

Music and techy stuff is definitely the stuff that gives our Lisa her MOJO. It is sooooo her mojo.

She has transformed like a butterfly from geek chic to music freak combining her two loves to produce a fetish harmony that makes most people smile.

When she’s ‘without headphones’ she’ll be smoking a Cuban and chilling with her audiophile, foody and film buds.