Abderrahim Yamou - Working from Life

Abderrahim Yamou
Les amas bleus 2012

Abderrahim Yamou - Working from Life

Mosaic Rooms Nour Festival

28 September - 16 November 2012
The Mosaic Rooms, 226 Cromwell Road, London, SW5 0SW

The Mosaic Rooms are proud to present the first UK solo show by contemporary Moroccan artist Abderrahim Yamou, Working From Life, featuring new paintings from the Inside and Gène Bleu series. The exhibition is part of the 2012 NOUR Festival.
Abderrahim Yamou is based between Paris and Casablanca. His paintings are inspired by the organic processes of the natural world, by continuity and change, and by the tensions and instabilities between these two states. Beneath the surface of his exquisite paintings, produced in both large and small scale, there is also an underlying sense of disquiet.
‘In my work the obvious formal reference to biology or to botany is the sign of a constant will to probe the living and to paint the energy necessary for the creation of life. The world of plants – an endless source of new forms – is a fertile metaphor of our human interactions and aspirations.’
Yamou’s latest work suggests the analogy between the cellular and the cosmic - the germination of a seed or the birth of a star - creating a process he terms ‘stellar germination’. The fluid yet refined backgrounds of these paintings act as backdrops to the interplay between different forces and energies – forming spaces similar to those revealed by both aerial views and microscopic inspection.
In these paintings Yamou appears to capture a frozen moment, yet he also manages to suggest potential forms and spaces, which grow, move, evolve and mutate. As he says: ‘The form of vegetal inspiration is no longer painted for what it is but for what it can become, in its possible growth.’
These works also offer an original interpretation of the use of organic forms in traditional Islamic art and design, with Yamou creating more purely abstract and stylized renderings of vegetal forms.
Abderrahim Yamou was born outside Casablanca in 1959. He left Morocco to study biology in France, before changing to sociology with a focus on researching contemporary Moroccan art. He gave up his studies to become a self-taught artist, working in both painting and sculpture. He has exhibited widely in group and solo shows throughout Europe and North Africa.
On 20 October 2012, Yamou will discuss his paintings with the internationally reputed Dr Wolfgang Stuppy from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, offering a unique insight into the relationship between art & botany in contemporary art practices, and revealing the inspirations behind Working from Life.

Abderrahim Yamou

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