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Deathline new single ‘Every Dying Breath’ Rock Noir Recordings


Last year London/Helsinki electronic rock duo Deathline released their 2nd album ‘Nova’ which bled a visceral blend of dirty electronica, throbbing garage rock and post-punk prowess that drew review comparisons to Suicide, Einstruzende Neubauten, Jesus & Mary Chain, The Velvet Underground and Kraftwerk amongst others.

Earlier in October they released a re-worked version of ‘Every Dying Breath’ which saturates itself in a hazy psychedelic desert rock swagger, sizzling guitars lines, husky vocals and keys that slice itself right through the middle. It is backed with a remix by Danish minimal electronica duo holm/mirland, a cinematic mix by The Dead Zoo and a teaser demo from their new upcoming untitled EP.

Bursting with ideas Deathline are fast becoming a formidable prospect…

1.Every Dying Breath
2.Every Dying Breath (holm/mirland remix)
3.Every Dying Breath (Shaken not Remixed by The Dead Zoo)
4.The Death Line (Demo)


“All throbbing phallic guitar lines, dirty electronica and moody telephone-line vocals”

“Fusion of smutty electronica, suicide-esque atmospherics and post-punk vocals”

"Hypnotic post industrial beats, a relentless guitar riff combined with nods to The Velvets & Nico, Einsturzende Neubauten and the Mary Chain is pretty much guaranteed to get our toes a-tapping "
The Von Pip Musical Express


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