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The Limiñanas new album 'Costa Blanca' released on Trouble In Mind Records

The Limiñanas


Ask Marie and Lio Limiñana what sort of movie their music would make and they’ll describe a psychedelic western full of deranged dreams and dangerous crooks: one where Ennio Morricone tremolo guitars and François de Roubaix jazz trombones gallop around dusty plains and nothing is what it seems. Their new album, Costa Blanca, wasn’t created in a Sergio Leone desert dream but in Cabestany, a small province in the south of France famous for an anonymous sculptor, known only as the Master of Cabestany, whose artworks became renowned the world over. With the triumphant, Costa Blanca, the Limiñanas are treading a similar course. The record mixes French yeh-yeh with Beck-style guitar fuzz freak-outs, gospel sounds with crystalline pop hooks, and all with a futuristic twist. “We tried everything on this album: Arabian instruments, sitars, banjos, old organs, reverbs and echoes.”

Tracklisting for Costa Blanca:
01. Je Me Souviens Comme Si J’y étais
02. My Black Sabbath
03. Alicante
04. Votre Coté Yéyé M’emmerde
05. Cold Was The Ground
06. I Miei Occhi Sono i Tuoi Occhi
07. La Mercedes De Couleur Gris Métallisé
08. Rosas
09. Barrio Chino
10. BB
11. La Mélancolie
12. La Mediterranée
13. Liverpool (Album version feat. MU)

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