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Sukh releases debut album 'Kings'.


“Sukh is a doctor. Not content with saving lives, he’s only gone and penned one the brightest indie-pop albums so far this year. An album bursting with Belle and Sebastian-esque melody, craftsmanship reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens, but always maintaining a sound unmistakably his own: this is Sukhdeep Krishan - or Sukh to his friends. Sukh is here to provide the soundtrack to the summer hangover. This is a collection of unassuming songs; repeated listens demonstrate layers and textures rarely found among his peers. And he’s only in his early twenties. And he’s a qualified doctor. He’s basically a good egg, and this album, written, produced and performed by the man himself, will mark him out as a jack-of-all-trades, master of most of ‘em type artist.

Characterised by his raw voice and various guitar tunings, the album invites the listener into the inner world of his mind.

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, video maker and Viktor Frankl quoting Mancunian”

‘Sukh is a doctor. This clearly isn’t enough of a challenge for him, though, so in is spare time he makes short films. Oh, and on top of that, he writes, performs and produces dreamy, jangly folk pop like ‘Kings’. Naturally, there’s an adorable video to accompany it too. It’d be easy to dislike him if it wasn't all so good.’  - Clash

‘No doubt we’ll be hearing more from him soon.’
BBC Introducing

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