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I Am Sam
I Am Sam
'Let It Pump'
2. Heartstrings / 3. Where's That Love?
Produced by JetTricks 
Released Aug 23rd 2010

I Am Sam, a singer songwriter with a groove and a point.

Where Jason Mraz meets Jack Johnson combined with the classic lyrics of Squeeze - all mixed up with a little hip hop and some reggae sauce for flavour.

Born and bred in south London, but now based in Sydney, Australia, I Am Sam has been making waves with his blend of laid back grooves, humorous, relevant lyrics and hooks that stick like super glue.  The writing and recording of I Am Sam's forthcoming debut album 'A Sober Thought', took place in the UK with production duo JetTricks at the helm, crafting a long player that is a journey through pop culture as seen through the eyes of Sam.

The sunshine of Oz with the hard edge of the UK come together with an ease and form that’s perfect for the summer.  This Londoner is definitely kickin’ it with songs like 'Let It Pump’, ‘Heartstrings' and 'Where's That Love?'

So turn the volume up and get ya sunglasses on.

Watch the ‘Let It Pump’ video at

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