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 Nigel Clothier, front man of classic rock group Sharp Practise, began his solo career in 2007 when, with the encouragement of Gorillaz producer Fran Ashcroft, he made his debut Americana genre album Book Of Days.

The album was nominated in the  Best Album of The Year category at behind Blackmore’s Night, Journey and Todd Rundgren, and Nigel’s music was featured on the Kweevak Music Magazine Podcast that included interviews with Glenn Tilbrook and Nils Lofgren.

Nigel radio and TV appearances have already included a live performance on Andy Crane’s Sunday lunchtime show on BBC Radio Manchester.

In the spirit of Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, Nigel’s music is gently spirited, calming waters running deep. His lyrics are a reflection on the perfect imperfections of love and life. With mellow vocal performance and the complex lyrical depths of a poet, his music is perfectly suited to introspection, contemplation, and a close slow dance on a rainy night. With the stark bareness of his instrumental arrangements, Clothier’s delivery is void of stadium glitz and glam. His approach is simple, honest and earthy.

‘Every woman needs a Nigel Clothier! Book of Days holds many truths about love and life... this is what love is all about. Thank you for writing this lovely song, you sing it beautifully.’  R&R Music

‘Nigel Clothier makes great use of melody and understands the importance of a hook, particularly when you don't have a lot of time to snag your audience.’

Nigel’s music is packed with clever single lines that grab your attention even though the overall sound is very laid back and minimal. There is much packed into each song's story to maul over in your head. Each song lets out a little bit of what can be found in Nigel's heart. Hislyrics are charmingly exact and exactly descriptive. Nigel’s music is simplistic but precise and annoyingly catchy. He does something that's difficult to put in words - he makes you listen.

Nigel Clothier’s new album Face is out now on the Ryeharbour Records label. It is available from his website, from CD Baby, and from various outlets worldwide either as a CD or by download.


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