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Michael Lee
Michael Lee
Album: Face Forward
Released: October 18th
Label: Crash Records

Michael Lee is a singer/songwriter in the progressive rock/pop genre from Buckinghamshire and cites Jeff Buckley, Incubus and Sting as his main sources of inspiration.

Being a hugely talented multi instrumentalist, with eleven years of gigging experience under his belt and having played drums in the well respected Punch Bowl and Bass in Inertia, along with playing the guitar, keyboards and singing, Michaels real love however is song writing.

After gaining good experience on the live circuit, Michael decided to lock himself away, concentrate on his passion of song writing, and begin work on an album titled ‘Face Forward’.

The album is an eclectic mix of Michael’s best songs from over the years. The project was largely handled solely by Michael and this included performing on most of the instruments and producing the records by himself. After a year of agonising over every note, the album was finally finished and is now released.

Stylistically the album is broad in that it ranges from intimate acoustic songs to full blown progressive rock. This diverse approach has been received well and has resulted in Michael wining ‘Album of the Month’ recently from Sound on Sound Magazine. This also led to the prize of having 1000 copies pressed for free. This in turn generated interest from numerous indie labels and publishers, and in 2010 Michael joined the roster at Crash Records to release his album, and he recently signed a publishing deal with American publisher Love Cat Music.

"Face Forward moves seamlessly between prog-rock, folk and AOR, and manages to make the difficult bits of all of them sound effortless."

Sam Inglis, Sound on Sound

"Michael Lee is an extraordinary artist with the skills, talent, and power to make his music a basic tool of survival not only to himself, but to anyone who is fortunate enough to be graced by the beauty, honesty, and creativity that his music brings forth. An artist that plays virtually every instrument on their record demonstrates more than just versatility and talent, but also an inexorable passion for crafting something perfect and singularly beautiful."

Michael’s one man band style of working has remained largely unchanged since he started, although he regularly collaborates with a select few musicians to add musical diversity to his songs.

2010 sees Michael armed with his winning album, a new band line up, sheer determination and a drive to leave a lasting impression on the music business.

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