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50ft Woman
50ft Woman
EP: Ménage á Trois
1. (Strictly) Only Swinging
2. Psychic Hygiene
3. You’re in Love With Love (But You Ain’t in Love With Me)
Released: 1st November 2010
Available via all good download sites and selected independent record shops

50ft Woman are a female fronted London based band, consisting of front woman and lead vocals Minki, a 6ft diva (Walsall and London), Adie (Kent) and Paul (Essex) on guitars, Matt (Portsmouth and Elephant and Castle, London) on bass and Cormac (Belfast and Acton, London) on drums.

Rolling all her favourite bands into one, Minki created a superhero character with a superhero soundtrack. With influences as far reaching as AC/DC to Adam Ant, it stands to reason that each song will be a story in itself. Energetic, spunky songs with quirky lyrics and catchy choruses make for an eclectic but energetic mix.

"Blondie's forgotten love child" - Ditto Music

Live, Minki’s fetish for high heels never fails to delight, with her followers invited to join the ShoeShoe Club, an exclusive member’s only shoe worshipping club, and to worship at gigs by wearing their favourite fabulous pair, along with “any excuse to dress up, I don’t need to be asked twice!”

It’s Minki’s dream to have themed gigs, “where everyone will dress up and wear something outrageous and make the effort”. 50ft Woman is such a visual brand, so why not have fun and play with it!

And play with it they do. Their website boasts a whole section dedicated to collages from fans who have sent in their own images that really do make Minki into a 50ft Woman including one that was created to look like Minki was actually lying on Tower Bridge!.

But it’s not just about the image. Without the songs there is no band. With subjects ranging from goldfish to Soho to trainspotters, there will be something for everyone. When asked to define their genre, each member of 50ft Woman will say something different, but actually it is three genres all rolled into one.

50ft Woman create their own genre; rockpunkpop.

It’s a big sound live, and finally with their new EP, Ménage á Trois, recorded at new Islington studio “The Church of Steve Honest”, that big sound has finally been captured.

And that’s just what Minki and the boys hope 50ft Woman will be: A big sound with an even bigger presence.

"Think Aerosmith, The Bangles, Debbie Harry, The Ramones, The New York Dolls , CBGB’s and the film ‘Into the Valley of The Ultra Vixens’ all rolled into one and you may get a feel of what she's about" – The Gassienda

Live dates, with more to be confirmed at are:

24th September - London Tattoo Convention
1st October - The first Friday Forum live @ Recharged Radio, London 
2nd October - London Relentless Garage London
3rd October - Cardiff Barfly / 8th October - The Horn St Albans
4th November EP Launch gig @ The Bedroom Bar, Shoreditch, London

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