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The Blue Aeroplanes

The Blue Aeroplanes
1. China Brilliance Automotive
2. My Good Self
Released: October 18th
7” Vinyl release on Albino Two  available from local independent record stores

The Blue Aeroplanes
to release new single to mark venue buyout.

- ‘China Brilliance Automotive’ is cult art-rockers’ first new material since 2006

“Awesome, Singular, Revelatory” Michael Stipe REM

There are rumblings in the west.

Insistent mutterings that refuses to die down, coming out of Bristol, that the new album by The Blue Aeroplanes could be their best ever.

It's quite a claim, given the praise that's still routinely lavished on their all-conquering early-90s classics 'Swagger' and 'Beatsongs' and the string of 4 and 5-star reviews that greeted their 2006 critical renaissance 'Altitude'. 
But the signs are good.

The album - entitled 'Anti-Gravity' - won't be out until next year, but an exclusive new single to be released next month reflects a band once again at the peak of their pop/art/rock/folk/poetry/dance/mayhem powers.

Taken from the sessions for what will be the band's tenth studio album, 'China Brilliance Automotive' will be released on limited edition 7" vinyl to mark the Aeroplanes' takeover of legendary Bristol venue The Fleece. 

Frontman Gerard Langley, still invoking Lou Reed and Louis MacNeice in equal measure after two and a half decades at the controls of this most enduring of cult institutions, explains *that* title and why his band would want to buy their own venue.

"China Brilliance Automotive was written gazing from a Los Angeles hotel room at a church that looked like a wedding cake with an 80-foot charity ribbon on the front, or maybe the side. It's about being all things to one person or one thing to everybody. Neither is likely to succeed. Musically, it's from the sessions for the forthcoming 'Anti-Gravity' album, but didn't quite make the finished record due to its resemblance to the early Who drunkenly trying to imitate Santana. Which is great, obviously, but doesn't sound like anything else on the album, hence its release as a spiffing stand-alone single.

"The b-side is a psycho-traumatic rendition of inner conflict as might have been filmed in a spy-movie, and was recorded on a Sony Walkman cassette recorder. On a boat. With Katie Tomlinson (17) playing violin. Then we decided to buy a venue and became the owners of The Fleece (& Firkin for those with long memories) and restore it to its former glory.

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