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Volcanoes release their new single

Volcanoes release their new single Monkey. Gossip. Cross. Tessaract via Indiecan on Nov 22nd.

“Face-slapping Glamfreakbeat”…We haven’t got a fooking clue what this means but we like it” - NME

Volcanoes emerge with their latest single, talons out, their familiar wit now bristling with menace. Monkey. Gossip. Cross. Tessaract is the new, genre transcending indie-fi single from Volcanoes. A record seething with energy, featuring lyrical comment on mass media, the decline of Hollywood, the pricks in the Sheffield music scene, a girl who becomes her shadow and the cosmological musings of Michio Kaku when it’s far to late at night.

"Smart lyrics, a tight, hungry, almost urgent feel to the music, an impressive back catalogue of EPs and a long, long list of great reviews leaves one question remaining. Why the hell are Volcanoes still unsigned?" - Altsounds

The band are already favourites of numerous indie titles and featured in Artrocker Magazine earlier this year. Unsigned for 5 years would be the death of many bands. Not Volcanoes. Their revolt, their defiance has given them a cause.

Monkey. Gossip. Cross. Tessaract follows the release of their Sugar and Snarls and Shaking the Brass EP’s, both EP’s showcase the multitude of ideas and enchanting song writing ability that Volcanoes possess, which has enabled them to garner huge media support in the past. Boasting an abundance of passion, catchy melodies and instantly infectious bass lines the new releaseconfirms that Volcanoes have their teeth clenched deep in to the UK Indie scene.

"This Leeds based foursome craft a fine indie pop record" - Best of Myspace

Volcanoes secured a wealth of national and regional radio support, including airplay on XFM (John Kennedy) and NME Radio's Best of MySpace podcast with Gill Mills. The band were invited to feature in session on BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC Raw Talent Introducing and BFBS Radio.
Volcanoes were also featured in 2009 as one of Edith Bowman’s ‘Bedroom Bands’ on

“Refreshing and interesting. Volcanoes are extremely listenable, extremely entertaining and extremely exciting. 5 stars” Music News

Based in Leeds and Sheffield, the band consists of Samson (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Kevin (lead guitar and backing vocals), Boa (bass guitar and backing vocals) and Chris (drums and backing vocals) who pride themselves on their live shows, and since forming in Sheffield in 2005, they have supported numerous bands over the past four years including ‘Arctic Monkeys,’ ‘The Maccabees,’ ‘Hot Club de Paris,’ ‘The Big Pink’ and ‘Little Man Tate.’ The infectious charm they carry combined with their overflow of energy and enthusiasm has led to the mass of support across the country from their ever increasing fan base.

On top of their simply heroic on-stage antics, the band are super productive and spend every other waking minute in the studio writing and recording, with a glorious catalogue of EPs just waiting to be discovered. Past releases include “Red Door” EP and “Friend of Mine” demo which was described by Sheffield Music Hub as “great music in the finest Indie, Brit-guitar tradition…Deserves to be all over MTV2 / Flux!”

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