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Serotonin release their new single Live and Forget via Crash Records in Nov.

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The three piece released their first EP, You Don't Know What You've Got Until It's Gone, in spring 2008 which was well received. Since this time they have been a regular sight on the Oxford  and London circuit.

While their sound  has been described in a variety of ways: progressive rock, alternative metal and even good old' rock, their “heartfelt” lyrics are really what it's all about. Drawing on personal experience Serotonin skilfully conveys the emotion in each of their songs. All listeners will be able to see themselves in Serotonin's music making each track more than just music, it's a shared experience.

In the past year Serotonin have released their second EP, Siempre y para Siempre on Crash Records which received extensive airplay and some great reviews.

“There are some records/CDs that you can just sense a quality from as soon as you hit the play button. This is one of them.” -

“'Apologies To You' is the kind of song that makes bands popular.” - Seba Rashii

The coming year promises to be an exciting and busy one for the band with the release of a worldwide single and video alongside a full studio album.

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