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The Lights

The Lights release their brand new single No Match for Genevieve on March 21st.

Taken from their eagerly anticipated debut album and as Indie London predicted late last year … this band is about ready to explode’

Produced by renowned producer Gavin Monaghan (Travis, Editors & Kings of Leon), the single begins what should be a breakthrough year you’re the radio friendly 5 piece. 2010 saw the band on numerous new music BBC regional playlists before hitting the radar of Janice Long’s BBC Radio 2 show, resulting in the band performing a live set last summer and receiving support on the show for their smash single Low Hundred’s as well as receiving support from Gill Mills’ Best of Myspace show.

A positive burst of light and energy, the Birmingham based band consisting of five bright-eyed individuals with the heart and determination to take their music to the masses. Their sound is like nobody else, unique, eclectic and intimately epic. A melding of five creative minds to produce an array of unique sounds, ranging from soft and passionate to loud staggering moments, they've perfectly blended each other's influences and abilities to create one magnetic and appealing force. ‘…A challenge to pigeonhole’ as NME said.

‘As lyrically adept as Idlewild but as melodically breezy as a hard rock Teenage Fanclub, they are a challenge to pigeonhole. Imagine Elvis Costello writing lyrics for ELO, fronted by James Dean Bradfield’s younger siblings!’  NME

The Lights were described by UK Music Review as ‘Full of charm, energy and personality’. This was followed by the release of their 5 track EP The Fair Weather Travelling Companion, two years ago. The EP was met with a wealth of positive reviews…

…thoughtful and well executed’ – Room Thirteen

‘…uplifting unique charm but also an ability to move the listener emotionally’ All Gigs

Last year saw The Lights gig extensively and word spread to promoter about a rising band appearing with more frequency on the musical radars. The result was a host of festival offers in the midlands this summer including Birmingham Artsfest and the Nelson Mandela Festival. The band also chalked up numerous high profile radio sessions around the UK.

Live The Lights have a poise that playing and writing together for years has afforded them. Five supremely talented musicians that produce a hugely radio friendly wall of warm sound and beautiful melodies. Pigeonhole at your peril…

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