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RDSK - Apocalypse of Mind
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Label:  Cauldron Soundwerx Productions
Release date: 5 February 2011
Country: France

Founded in early 2008, R.D.S.K is a project inspired by many influences, which mixes rock music and Gothic by adding a touch of symphonic metal sparingly. Indeed, the many influences of Radien (lyrics, design) and Demetrius (guitars and arrangements) and Alexander Löfstedt (guitars), ranging from progressive music to the Gothic, through the metal, skillfully blends with the rock roots of Philippe Sovieri (bass) and the classical training of Pris.K (vocals, piano) and the progressive influences of Olivier (drums). That’s why the songs transmit an atmosphere quite personal, sometimes fantastic or vampiric ( "No Time Left"), sometimes historic ( "Knights of Devotion"), while encouraging reflexion ( "Opus of Decadence") and adding his grain of "dark gothic madness" ( "Apocalypse of Mind").

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