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Tom Moriarty

Tom Moriarty
Album: Fire In The Dolls House
Released: 4th April
Driftwood Records Ltd


Whilst the rest of us argue about which methods of slow torture and painful death should be inflicted on the Bankers of London’s square mile, one top City performer turns his back on the infamous financial district and returns to his first, true passion – making great music

"Tom Moriarty is a pearl amongst the oysters".
Robert Elms - BBC London

Deep spiritual upheavals are only supposed to happen on the road to Damascus, but for top City Finance PR guru Tom Moriarty, the scales fell from his eyes on Threadneedle Street in the mid 2000s when he foresaw the Banking world’s downward spiral towards disaster and had a sudden realisation about what is really important in life. Like caring for a parent with an incurable illness and pursuing the glittering music career which the tutors of LA’s hallowed Music Institute had predicted for him some years earlier.

Winding the clock forward to Spring 2011, the disgracefully handsome Moriarty finds himself looking forward to the release of a Universal Music-distributed debut album produced by Travis, Mumford & Sons, KT Tunstall, Manic Street Preachers and Red Hot Chili Peppers über-producer Ian Grimble.

Moriarty - part bad boy, part protest singer, part romantic, part revolutionary and all denim drainpipes, cowboy boots and gruff, sexy voice - comes from a long and fabulous line of vocal sorcerers. John Martyn, Eddie Vedder, Ray LaMontagne and Tom Waits have all emoted their way into the hearts and minds of those who rate substance and content above style and veneer.  Something to say above something to sell.

And with his debut album Fire In The Doll’s House, Moriarty certainly has something to say: “We need to stop for a second and think about what we're doing and where we're going, not just in the way the financial system works but how we think about ourselves, how we see ourselves.  It's about focusing on the things that unite us rather than the things that divide us.  And actually music is that big common denominator - no matter what your creed or comfort”.

Thankfully, however, Fire In The Doll’s House is not simply a damning indictment of Moriarty’s one time City trough scoffers; it is at times sexy, seductive and naughty. It has class stamped over every track and lead single Smile If You Want To Get High is a catchy pointer to the variety of fruits on offer in it.

“I know from personal experience that sometimes, when things get difficult, the best way through is to smile” explains Moriarty.

We think you will get high. Legally. 

You can also catch Tom perform and curate at The Driftwood Sessions @
The Elgin, Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill, London FREE ENTRY Table bookings advisable
 2nd MARCH / 4th APRIL / 4th MAY

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