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Argon 40
New York duo Argon 40 release their debut album Fair Lawn on March 28th.

With a distinguishable pop sound that encompasses electronic keys, digital drums, and a plethora of synth instrumentation, it seems only fitting that the conception of Argon 40 began over the Internet.  Adam Williams and Heather Greene, the duo who make up the mellow, cyber-sounding Argon 40, created a handful of tunes simply by pressing the send button. The 14-song record, celebrating Argon 40’s trademarked electro-synth style, boasts captivating melodies, cool grooves, and futuristic details all dancing alongside Heather Greene’s syrupy smooth vocals and airy keyboard work.

“…one of my favourites of the year,” - Tom Robinson – BBC 6 Music

What started simply as a quirky experiment, the Argon 40 project soon developed into something significant. Williams would craft the electro lounge-friendly beats from his home studio in Los Angeles and send them to Greene, stationed in Edinburgh, Scotland, who would then write and record the catchy, infectious lyrics. The combination of music and voice established a chemistry that was just too powerful to ignore. Upon returning stateside, Heather immediately contacted Adam, and the two finally began working together physically to create more of the magic they first generated over the web.  Over several months, the duo holed themselves in the studio using a hodgepodge of keyboards, drum machines, and other far out instruments to fashion the Argon 40 sound.

Within two months of wrapping, the group’s first single, “When the Words Don’t Come” released to critical acclaim. The single received BBC 6 Music support on Tom Robinson’s show and top UK music reviewer Toxic Pete lauded it as “…beautifully simplistic, yet thoughtfully complex.” The single, along with its B-side “44.66 Days,” are featured on their debut album Fair Lawn.

Prior to Argon 40’s inception, Adam Williams was one of the founding members of the platinum-selling rock band Powerman 5000, touring with the likes of Metallica and Kiss. The group’s commercial smash album “Tonight the Stars Revolt!” catapulted the band to mainstream success, due mainly to the huge popularity of their hit single “When Worlds Collide,” and the record went on to sell over one million copies. Heather Greene, herself an accomplished musician and songwriter, already boasts two critically acclaimed albums – 2005’s “Five Dollar Dress,” recorded alongside guitar luminary Bill Frisell, and 2009’s “Sweet Otherwise,” a lauded success with audiences in Europe and the UK.

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