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After the many positive results obtained from the first self-titled album, considered by many magazines such as one of the best released in 2008, Hungryheart with the new "One Ticket to Paradise" give proof of great maturity, offering 12 tracks of pure Melodic Hard Rock / AOR intended to confirm this band as an important player for music and a must for any lover of the genre. While not departing too much from the previous work in this album we can see some refinement in the writing of songs and in songwriting and a touch more in some parts Aor.  

Tracklist “One ticket to paradise" 

 1. Stand Up                                            
2. One Ticket To Paradise
3. Let Somebody Love You
4. Boulevard of love
5. A million miles away
6. Angela
7. Love is the right way
8. Let’s keep on tryin’
9. Just A Little Closer
10. Get lost
11. Man in the mirror
12. You won’t be alone

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