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Bad Sign – The brand new EP, ‘Exit’
Bad Sign – The brand new EP, ‘Exit’
Released on May 2nd through Bangers, Clive! Records

In their relatively short lifespan of 18 months, UK melodic rockers Bad Sign have dedicated the entirety of that time to recording and touring. Making themselves friends as far afield as Germany , Bad Sign possess that much sought after trait – work hard, play hard. Beating a path through the UK and Europe , the Croydon trio initially bonded over a viewpoint that too many artists were compromising their integrity for the sake of pleasing a fan base.

Influenced by the likes of Biffy Clyro, Every Time I Die and Led Zeppelin, Exit is a 5 track opus with an overriding theme of escapism. For Bad Sign, their lyrics and music reflect their own highs, lows, and moments both great and bad. They choose to turn this into something positive, the result being Exit. Held together by a tighter than tight rhythm section, each track here is entrenched in a sense of desperation and a longing for something more, whether that be from day to day relationships, or life itself. And this is Bad Sign’s defining trait, their ambition. They prefer their songs be swathed in epic backdrops and winding, gritty riffs ahead of image and pretence.

Bad Sign are the band on the bill whose members are noticeably deeply linked by the music they make – they are a tight unit, with an almost hive-mind. They each share the same vision of their future, and undoubtedly have the songs, the ambition, and the desire to be the best they can be – on their own terms.

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