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Spirits Of The Dead

Spirits Of The Dead release their second album in a year 'The Great God Pan' available summer 2011 via Big Dipper/White Elephant


Sounds like King Crimson jamming to tracks from Physical Grafitti. 8/10 Classic Rock Magazine

A three-note riff heavy enough to raze skyscrapers, to level cities, nay, to crack the earth The Line of Best Fit

The album sounds heavenly. A dream debut. 4/5 Revolver Magazine

Great stuff and definitely one to watch. Classic Rock Society

Recommended! -

Spirits of the Dead are a psychedelic-stoner-folk-rock band with one foot in the eclectric magic of the sixties and seventies and the other in the modern electric rock sound of 2012. Norway's Spirits of the Dead released their self titled album in 2010 to critical acclaim and was honoured onto Classic Rock Magazine's top 50 albums-of-the-year list and included with a track on their cover mount CD - "The Best Of 2010"

Spirits of The Dead's album was a well executed and well crafted debut from a band with one eye set on the past and the other fixed firmly forward. Their debut album received great reviews all over the world giving them a growing attention as definitely a band to watch.

Their second album "The Great God Pan" is a much more folk, psychedelic and jazzy record. It takes you immediately on a journey through deep forests, over high mountains, where beautiful landscapes open up and sometimes tricks you into the darkest (and brightest) corners of Pan's Kingdom.

Somewhat more a conceptual album than the debut, yet still retaining the great diversity of songs that is SOTD's brand. As with the first album it is recorded in Grand Sport Studios by Christian Engfeldt and mastered by George Marino/Sterling Sound NY.


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