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Night NOise Team, Slow Release

Night Nosie Team, free track 'You Won' from their new album 'Slow Release'

Download 'You Won' by Night Nosie Team

As Night Noise Team gear up for the release of their new album ‘Slow Release’, they’re making available a free MP3 from the record, ‘You Won’.

To listen to “Slow Release” is to succumb to Sean Ormsby’s distinctive vocal. Falling somewhere between Morrissey’s laconic drawl, the gentle Scottish-isms of Belle & Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch and the desperate fragility of Bombay Bicycle Club’s Jack Steadman it’s an idiosyncratic voice, both spoken and sung, that unites and propels Night Noise Team’s every move.

Vocal Sean Ormsby explains the band’s choice of MP3;

'When 'You Won' was initially recorded, I described it as a 'reflective banger'. I meant that, while it's thoughtful and layered, it's also danceable and direct. I'm choosing it now not only as a faithful distillation of our sound, but also a way into some of the lyrical and musical contradictions at the heart of this album.


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