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Battlefield Band unveil their new line up and release their new album entitled 'Line-up' on 18th July via Temple Records /Cadiz Music.

'Line-up' is the superb new album from the award winning Battlefield Band, one of the great institutions of the Scottish music scene. A bedrock of music and talent for over four decades, they continue to lead the way with their inspired fusion of ancient and modern traditional music and song.

"...What the internationally renowned Irish band, the Chieftains, have done for traditional Irish music, Battlefield Band are doing for the music of Scotland..."

This is essential listening for all lovers of traditional music. Battlefield Band's aptitude for instrumental colour, nuance, expression and internal dynamics is, if anything, sharper than ever and these recordings showcase Scotland’s great flagship band in peak form. Fiery instrumentals, plaintive ballads and songs of social history find them fresh, invigorated, and illustrate yet again that they are among the most relevant contemporary composers and interpreters of Celtic music today, capable even of adding a Scottish twist to an Otis Redding soul classic.

Always evolving, the new group line-up, which has been received with great acclaim on their US, Canadian & UK tours, finds Battlefield Band yet again moving on to a new, exciting period in their musical development, while building on the solid foundations that have always been key to their success.

The latest recruit to the group, multi-instrumentalist Ewen Henderson, hails from the Highlands of Scotland. A superb talent, schooled by some of the masters of the genre, Ewan has quickly established himself as a strong force within a band of supremely capable musicians who look forward to introducing him to their worldwide audience.

MIKE KATZ - Bagpipes / Whistles / Bouzouki / Guitar / Bass / Vocals

ALASDAIR WHITE - Fiddle / Whistle / Bouzouki / Bagpipes

SEAN O’DONNELL - Vocals / Guitar / Cittern

EWEN HENDERSON - Fiddle / Bagpipes / Vocals / Piano


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