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Video for "C Sharp"

*After taking the blogosphere by storm, their dance anthem is finally released*

When it comes to building a buzz, the two-piece Rendezvous certainly have what it takes. Home videos of the band recording their debut album quickly received over a million views on the band's YouTube Channel and the band's bass-driven, live electro quickly brought them to the attention of all sorts of people in the know.

Itai Simon and Hagai Izenberg met on their first day at music college and it was that chance encounter that gave the band their name.  The band worked on new single "C Sharp", and the rest of their forthcoming album, with producer Dave Bascombe (Kylie Minogue, Tears For Fears, Depeche Mode) and their debut brings together the deep rhythms, epic melodies and trademark beats that have seen the band pick up several hundred thousand followers on Myspace and Facebook in an incredibly short space of time.

"C Sharp" is a master-class in savvy electro with its roots in all kinds of unexpected places. The band cite influences as varied as David Guetta, Underworld and Tiesto and their music brings together the brittle, electronic cool of bands like Air, the winsome, addictive melodies of Royksopp, the spaced-out cool of Floyd's "Meddle" and a knowing eye for the different. This is dance music with the ability to surprise you. Indeed "C Sharp" was recorded entirely with analogue and vintage equipment, lending a warmth and intimacy to proceedings in stark contrast to the harsh, digital outlook of so many in the genre.

This is undoubtedly a classic sound, driven by synth fetishists, owing as much to the birth of prog as it does to the electronic pulse of the 00’s. The two piece played the vast majority of instruments on the record themselves live; yet again fusing the digital with the traditional to great effect.

Carl Cox contributes two remixes (Phase 1 and Phase 2) to the single that add a different set of sounds to proceedings. Carl Cox himself is already throwing his weight behind the duo, saying "it was a pleasure to work on this remix it was a beautiful piece of music and I have put my Coxy stamp on it! Enjoy!"

A second single will follow later in the year, alongside the release of hugely anticipated debut album "Another Round Please" in Autumn.

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