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Michael Stegner


"This is music cf characten of originality and singularity in a marketplace of ever dwindling difference."
Aaron Ducat,

“Fascination Nation is an extraordinary debut, and l’m already looking forward to whatever Michael Stegner and the band have planned for the future!"
Pull The String on KSER

‘...his gospel/country irony is a refreshing breath..."
The Gartland Ave Plainsman


Michael Stegner was born and raised in Kentucky where both his parents were active music educators. Throughout middle school and high school, he was able to study jazz and classical piano at Morehead State University and performed in student ensembles. During this time, Michael maintained a classical piano repertoire while also becoming obsessed with the music of Miles Davis and Prince.
In 1993, Michael was accepted to attend the prestigious University of Miami jazz program. While attending the University of Miami, he participated in many of the top ensembles and performed regularly in the Miami area. Michael and four of his classmates formed a band called The Jongleurs and started an independent record label while in Miami. Between 1996 and 1999 they released three CD’s and toured the U.S. for three years during and after college. Michael served as one of the chief composers of the band and their music has been used in independent movies and international web features.

Upon finishing their travels in 1999, he moved to Seattle where he began performing at local venues and radio stations. MichaeI’s numerous musical projects include his solo piano works, electronic music improvisations and various jazz and rock ensembles.

Since living in Seattle he has performed and collaborated with Michael Shrieve (Santana), M. Doughty (Soul Coughing), Lee Oskar (WAR), Reggie Watts, Kevin Sawka (Pendulum), Aiko Shimada, Jen Wood, John Wicks (Fitz & the Tantrums ) and Alan White (Yes and John Lennon).
Michael's latest release, FASCINATION NATION, features fourteen original songs that came about through lessons with pianist Bobin Holcomb (Nonesuch). The band performs as a quartet in the Seattle area with longtime Stegner collaborator Forrest Giberson on bass, Andy Sells on drums and Colin Higgins on guitar. The album was recorded at London Bridge in Seattle and was produced by Paul Kimble (Grant Lee Buffalo) and Robin Holcomb. lt features original songs by Stegner and guests appearances by Joe Doria, Hans Teuber, Mark Fung, Dan Tyack and Nelson Bell along with his regular touring quartet. If you were looking for vocal comparisons, Randy Newman could be a reference point but Michael still puts his own unique stamp on the vocal recordings. Stand out tracks are I Love You A Little Bit (I Love My TVA Lot) and the glorious Faith but to be honest it’s difficult to pick stand out cuts as all are unique, no fillers here. lf you wanted to place the music of Michael Stegner in a particular box then soulful country singer songwriter could be an apt description.

The photos on the front of the album and the CD come from the tractor salvage in Kansas Michael’s grandparents started and his uncle now owns and operates and Claire Davis helped convert the images into a beautiful CD cover.


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