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Lindsay Ullmann

Lindsay Ullmann
New Single - Released 19th September
1. Bloodsucker
2. No Good Perfection
3. Cry Alone

Available via i-Tunes and all major download sites

Saturday 27th August - LIVE Festival @ Marlborough Head, 14 East Street,  Farnham, Surrey GU9 7RX

A 2 day music festival in aid of the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice.

Entry is £5 on the door which includes a programme and a free drink.


Lindsay Ullmann is a talented singer-songwriter from Surrey with a beautifully seductive voice that has just the right amount of passion to create a certain indefinable charm.

In more recent times she started writing songs on guitar and keyboard, alone or with her co-writer, Ray Langstone and they are both hugely inspired by each other. The two together hold a musical chemistry that is beyond words and they often both describe their musical gifts as “spiritual channelling” that is deeply felt between the two.

Her songs are personal and full of passion, but have many universal themes of love, loss and life experience that a wider audience can appreciate. This, combined with her powerful and unique voice, is an irresistible mixture.

Many of Lindsay's songs have a spiritual side to them; a deeper read of the lyrics will more often than not reveal her looking to the heavens for inspiration. Lindsay's songs combine both the ethereal and cerebral, the mystical and the material, and the exotic mix of all of this makes Lindsay Ullmann one of the voices and writers to watch for in the future.

“Lindsay’s music comes from the gut. Songwriting that blends a pop sensibility with a gritty, emotional and spiritual reaction to life. An antidote to the norm of the often formulaic singer/songwriter offerings, Lindsay has some of the ascorbic tone of Lily Allen mixed with the punk pop of Avril Lavigne but with a voice that's unique. Metal, pop, blues, folk and rock get chewed up and spat out a new to support this emotional roller coaster, to take your spirit on a journey. Unmissable."
Tim Benson, Producer Opus Studios

“Lindsay's work as a solo performer and her passion for writing really comes through in her music. She's not afraid to reveal her vulnerability and the words are from the heart. It’s her song-writing that really helps her stand out from the crowd and I see her continuing on a path to success in the coming years”
Gary Parker, Wave 105.FM

School years helped to shape her thoughts and ways of thinking and life experiences have made Lindsay very spiritual. As a child she recalls seeing and hearing things that others couldn’t. She sees herself as having very strong Uranian qualities, individualistic, original, quirky, rebellious and a little bit edgy and erratic. Uranus is the freedom loving planet and spins on an axis on its side. Anyone with strong Uranus in their astrology chart naturally wants to break away from the “Norm” – therefore she likes to investigate life’s mysteries with intense passion and curiosity. Her interest in the stars and the unknown is endless and she is always on some sort of mission to find out the truth and hidden depths of just about everything.

“I never fitted in anywhere” she says, “and there was always this sense, this feeling that I belonged somewhere else, I just didn’t know where!”.


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