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Dana Jade

Dana Jade releases her new single Little Sister in Sept.

The single sees Dana Jade at her riffing best. A Placebo-esque pumping tune that is akin to taming a wild dog, snarling and dark but with friendly face, drawing you in before bearing its teeth.

Little Sister follows up Dana’s debut single Galang. The M.I.A cover received widespread plaudits with online critics as well a barrage or regional radio play around the UK. A successful debut single was capped when the video to the single was selected for the Arcadia retail screen network around the UK and more of the same is expected for the new video supporting the current single.

“Dana Jade is exactly what the British rock scene has been waiting for!”

Dana’s vibrant London gigs were also featured in the Metro and attracted industry in the form of booking agents coming along to see the rising star live. Wear The Trousers also featured the debut single as well as appearing on the radar of influential BBC tastemaker Ruth Barnes and numerous influential music sites around the country. All were unanimous in their praise and all agreed…Dana Jade had arrived to shake the Rock scene to its core.

Growing up amongst the soca and reggae of tropical Trinidad, Dana spent her summers soaking up the fuzzed out sounds of riot grrrl and grunge in New York. Having relocated to London a few years back, this raven-haired femme fatale is now putting her sultry vocals - part purr part growl – firmly centre stage with a style born from frustration with some music currently filling our senses. “I get despondent when I watch music TV.” Dana explains. “I just don’t see or hear anything I can connect to”.

“Think red Stratocaster, red dress, red lips …”
The Girls Are

“Unapologetic for fierceness, Dana is a welcome addition to spice up the scene”
All Gigs

“…be sure to keep an eye on Dana Jade”
Shout 4 Music

When she’s not lending her distinctive, Caribbean-lilted voice to the 22 strong alt-girl choir Gaggle, Dana Jade can be found coaxing out some mean blues-styled rock with her trusty Fender Strat, aided by producer/drummer Ian McKenzie. Expect PJ Harvey style guts and a whole lotta distortion-styled riffing from this up and coming artist, who’s been earning her spurs with her Gaggle sistren on the stages of Reading and Leeds, and carving out growing acclaim for her solo material, supporting the inimitable John Parish in the summer of last year at London’s Monto Water Rats.


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