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Kamp David

Kamp David release their debut album Red Hotel via Zube Records in Sept.

The album has got a great reaction from new music shows on online sites. A sleazy, moody collection of rock and pop.

Video for track 'Limousine' taken from the album.

In the beginning:
Greg Radcliffe (guitar) from London got together with Murray Golding (vocals) from Melbourne to explore the possibilities of becoming a song writing team. Having fun and finding a rapport with their collaboration, they decided that they would record and perform these songs themselves,

On the second day:
Recruiting Murray’s friend, singer and dancer Kirsty Wone (vocals, guitar) and the 'Power Duo from Poland' in the form of Daniel Sakowski (bass) and Oskar Starski (drums) the line up was complete, so they rehearsed, played and recorded for four days until,

On the sixth day:
Zube created KAMP DAVID. Think Bolan, Bowie, B52’s, Alice Cooper and Electric 6 throw in some Queen, Roxy Music and Elton John and you'll be close. You may have caught them in London of late and you can hear their first album ‘Red Hotel’ out on Zube Records in June. So,

On the seventh day:
There was No Rest!


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