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Sopot release new single, a prelude to the third album

Cosmos in your ears from the 1st August!

SOPOT is giving away their new single called "Cosmos", which can be downloaded from here: to their current and future fans.

This genuine summer hit will refresh your ears, because you have never heard something like that before! So, jump to your computer, speakers and earphones, fill yourself with the cosmic energy that comes directly from Banja Luka, the site of collision of dub and Balkan folklore.

What is Sopot's "Cosmos"?

SOPOT's "Cosmos" is a celestial harmony that should be recognized. Enjoy it and sing along, because life is shining and it makes all the creatures happy. The cosmos is a place where darkness and light are struggling, and its creator, who is introduced in the song as an exalted artist, is in the endless process of creation.

The song emits positive vibes permeated with the Balkan dub melancholy, and their verses are inspired by Njegos's "Lux Microcosmica."

SOPOT reveals that "Kosmos" is opening their third album, with the working title "Sopotnik", which will knock on your ears, eyes, thoughts, and hips by the end of this year.
After the release of this single, members of the the most popular Banja Luka band will record the video for song.

Therefore, don't wait for the visualization of this hit. Don't miss a single stroke of the most original cosmic band that emerged in our region, because it will take just one click to download the track -!

But that's not all, because time on Sopotnik is just beginning to tick for collisions with cosmic energy! The band has prepared many surprises that are still waiting for those who like something new and different!

They had released two albums "DUBBalkan" (2007 - Manager), and "Equilibrium" (2009 - Manager), and recently had a starring role in the movie "Zduhač".  It is fully justified to say that SOPOT is a modern band whose music is an ideal fit in the urbanized and chaotic pace of the 21st century.

The quartet made up of frontman and vocalist Peter Topalovic, guitarist Djurica Stula, keyboardist Milan Acimovic and drummer Sasa Predojević are saying:
We are here to stay!


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