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Piefinger return to the UK music scene with their new album A Countryman's Favour.

Taking a slightly different direction and venturing deeper into country and folk, the new album sees the band push away previous influence resulting an epic sonic culmination of two years of writing and recording.

The new band line up sees each member of the band discovering new strings to their bow along the way and together they have embraced this new direction and approach to songwriting with confidence and joy in the array of sounds at their fingertips.

The eclectic band have quite a story and background…

Jana Carpenter sings and plays guitar, mandolin and uke. She is also an actress and comedy improviser who has appeared in Doctor Who, Superstorm and Silent Witness amongst other things. In her improvising capacity, she is currently working on a show for the Bremen Improv Festival, a play for Radio4, and will soon be appearing at the London Storytelling Festival in October at the Leicester Square Theatre.

David Sherwood sings and plays guitar, bass and horn, as well as various percussion. In 1985 he released a dance track under a different name which is now, to his great surprise, considered a classic of its time. He is also a respected London promoter hosting The Virtually Acoustic Club, both live and online, which has been a haven for the acoustic community for 15 years.

Rachel Steadman plays the violin, viola and piano and has ventured into singing for this album. As a violinist and violistshe plays with some of the country's top orchestras, recently recording with The Halle under Sir Mark Elder, tours extensively with arena shows and chamber groups, has recorded for Polydor records, EMI and Decca artists and performs in West end shows.

At heart, Piefinger are a live band, and while they have enjoyed the process of discovery in recording this album, the urge to showcase their new sound to a live audience is greater than ever.

You can catch them live on the following dates -

Sat 12th Nov : CB2, Cambridge
Fri 25th Nov : High Barn - Essex


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